Reviewing the Quality and Performance of AMD Radeon Super Resolution RSR/FSR

AMD has introduced a technology called Radeon Super Resolution (RSR) that aims to elevate your gaming experience by delivering gameplay and enhanced visuals, for a wide range of games. This innovative feature allows you to enjoy improved image quality and higher frame rates without relying on game optimizations or support. With RSR your gaming setup can now handle high resolution gaming efficiently no matter which game you’re playing.

Developed by AMD this groundbreaking technology operates at the driver level making it compatible with both DirectX 11 and DirectX 12/12+ games. By utilizing the algorithm as FSR 1.0 RSR brings performance enhancements even for older game titles. In cases it can provide up to a 70% boost, in performance. So gear up. Explore the advantages of AMD Radeon Super Resolution firsthand as it takes your gaming performance and visual quality to heights.

An Overview of RSR Technology

AMDs Radeon Super Resolution (RSR) is a feature aimed at enhancing your gaming experience by offering frame rates and improved image quality. As a gamer you can leverage this technology to maximize the capabilities of your GPU.
RSR is a feature that enhances graphics in games by using the algorithm found in AMD FidelityFX Super Resolution (FSR) technology. Whats great, about RSR is that it can boost performance in any game those without native FSR support. It’s like bringing the benefits of FidelityFX Super Resolution to a range of games allowing you to enjoy graphics without sacrificing performance.

Another amazing thing about RSR is that it works with resolutions, including 4K. This means you can play games at resolutions while still maintaining an enjoyable gaming experience. The resulting image quality is truly impressive. Adds value to your gaming arsenal.

To take advantage of RSR all you need is an AMD GPU and up to date GPU drivers. The feature is already integrated into the driver itself so there’s no need for any configuration. Once enabled your GPU will automatically enhance resolution games by improving their image quality without overwhelming your hardware.

In summary AMDs Radeon Super Resolution offers gamers a boost in performance by enhancing image quality and increasing frame rates in their titles. With its utilization of the FidelityFX Super Resolution algorithm RSR provides access, to graphics and smoother gameplay across a variety of games.

Comparing RSR and DLSS; A Closer Look

When examining the disparities, between AMDs Radeon Super Resolution (RSR) and Nvidias Deep Learning Super Sampling (DLSS) there are a aspects to consider such as image quality and performance.

RSR, which is AMDs algorithm primarily focuses on enhancing lower resolution images to achieve a resolution. This approach allows games to run smoothly without compromising image quality significantly. On the hand Nvidias DLSS technique utilizes intelligence to improve and upscale game images resulting in enhanced visual fidelity and performance.

In terms of image quality some users may observe that DLSS produces visuals when compared to RSR due to its AI driven reconstruction method. However RSR delivers performance across a wider range of GPUs since it doesn’t rely on specialized hardware like Nvidias RT and tensor cores found only in newer GeForce RTX cards.

Far as performance is concerned both RSR and DLSS offer frame rate improvements without significantly impacting the gaming experience. Users have reported notable performance boosts with RSR when upscaling from 1440p to 4K or from 1080p, to 4K compared to 4K rendering.^3^On the side DLSS has proven to provide improvements, in performance especially when used alongside ray tracing capabilities.

Choosing between RSR and DLSS ultimately depends on your hardware and gaming preferences. If you have a Radeon GPU RSR might be a fit for you whereas GeForce RTX owners may benefit more from DLSS. The good news is that as both technologies continue to advance and gain popularity you can expect performance and visual quality in your games regardless of which GPU you choose.

Compatible Radeon GPUs

When exploring the AMD Radeon Super Resolution (RSR) technology it’s crucial to be aware of which graphics cards are compatible with it. RSR is designed specifically for use with Radeon RX 5000 and RX 6000 series graphics cards. These GPUs are built on the RDNA architecture, which plays a role in enabling the robust performance enhancements offered by RSR.

Some popular GPUs, in the Radeon RX 5000 series include the RX 5700 RX 5700 XT and RX 5600 XT.
These cards have shown to be quite powerful, on their own. Rsr takes their capabilities further by improving the frame rates during gameplay and providing a higher resolution gaming experience.

Now lets move on to the Radeon RX 6000 series, which includes GPUs like the RX 6800 RX 6800 XT and RX 6900 XT. These GPUs based on RDNA architecture are well known for their gaming performance and handling demanding applications. The addition of Radeon Super Resolution enhances their capabilities more ensuring gamers can enjoy a better gaming experience.

By using RSR with your Radeon graphics card you’ll notice performance improvements and enhanced image quality across different games. It’s important to note that while RSR is designed specifically for Radeon RX 5000 and RX 6000 series GPUs, not all Radeon GPUs support this technology.

In summary if you want to make the most of AMD Radeon Super Resolution make sure you have a Radeon RX 5000 or RX 6000 series graphics card in your gaming setup. With the GPU and RSR technology you’ll be able to elevate your gaming experience to levels.

Impact on Performance and Boost

When utilizing AMD Radeon Super Resolution (RSR) you’ll experience an impact, on the performance of your gaming setup.RSR aims to enhance the quality of graphics and improve frame rates in games while maintaining the image integrity.

When you enable RSR it functions by rendering the game at a resolution, than your actual monitor settings. This strategy helps lighten the workload on your GPU resulting in performance especially when playing demanding games or using older hardware.

The extent of improvement achieved through RSR will vary depending on the game and settings applied. In cases games can experience up to a 70% increase in framerate thanks to the lower resolution scaling. This translates to gameplay with reduced stuttering and latency ultimately providing a gaming experience overall.

However keep in mind that RSRs impact on performance depends on factors including selected settings, the game itself and your GPU capabilities. Experimenting with RSR configurations will help you strike a balance between quality and performance boost that best suits your specific setup. Remember that opting for RSR may slightly reduce image sharpness and clarity as performance gains take precedence.

With AMD Radeon Super Resolution, at your disposal you can maximize the potential of your existing hardware. Elevate your gaming experience.
Experience the advantages of frame rates while minimizing the impact, on performance resulting in gameplay without compromising visual quality.

Image Quality and Enhancements

AMDs Radeon Super Resolution (RSR) offers image quality across games. RSR operates at the driver level requiring no game support, which means older titles can benefit from this technology. Numerous tests have shown that RSR delivers image quality.

One of the standout features of RSR is its ability to enhance image sharpness. By utilizing Radeon™ Image Sharpening (RIS) introduced in the Radeon™ Software Adrenalin 2019 Edition 19.7.1 gamers can enjoy a detailed gaming experience with minimal impact on performance. RIS is supported by a range of AMD GPUs.

To enable Radeon™ Super Resolution simply follow the provided steps in AMD Software; Adrenalin Edition, for configuration. Once configured RSR will be globally enabled, allowing you to enjoy enhanced image quality and sharpness across a selection of games.
It’s important to understand that AMD RSR and AMDs FidelityFX Super Resolution (FSR) have purposes. While both technologies aim to enhance gaming performance RSR focuses more, on optimizing image quality and sharpening. If you’re curious about the differences between these two technologies you can find information in this article.

To sum up by utilizing AMD Radeon Super Resolution and its ability to sharpen images you can anticipate an enhancement, in the quality of your gaming experience without compromising performance.

Game Compatibility and Settings

AMD Radeon Super Resolution (RSR) is designed to enhance your gaming experience by improving performance and image quality. It can be used with any game as it seamlessly integrates into the rendering pipeline without requiring support, from game developers.

To enable RSR go to your AMD Radeon Settings. Navigate to the Gaming tab. While most games automatically benefit from RSR you have the option to customize settings according to your preferences. It’s worth noting that RSR is particularly effective in enhancing the gaming experience on 1080p and 1440p resolutions due to its upscaling techniques.

During gameplay you can choose from three display modes to make the most of RSR; full screen mode, exclusive full screen mode and borderless full screen mode. Each mode offers qualities. Feel free to experiment with them and find the one that works best for your system and preferred games.

RSR adapts to hardware configurations but for optimal performance make sure your system meets the recommended specifications, for the specific game you’re playing. Keep in mind that while RSR aims to improve gaming performance and visual quality actual results may vary depending on the game itself and your hardware setup.
By using AMD Radeon Super Resolution you can enhance your gaming experience across games, screen resolutions and display modes. You have the flexibility to customize your settings and enjoy improved performance without compromising quality.

Enabling RSR on Different Platforms

Activating AMD Radeon Super Resolution (RSR) is a process that can greatly enhance your gaming experience. RSR helps upscale, in game resolutions to match the resolution of your display resulting in smoother FPS performance. In this section we will guide you through enabling RSR on platforms such as Steam and adjusting the settings on your Windows device.

To get started make sure you have the version of AMD Software; Adrenalin Edition installed on your computer. You can download it from the AMD website. Once the software is installed follow these steps to enable RSR;

  1. Open AMD Software.
  2. Go to the “Settings” tab.
  3. Click on “Graphics.”
  4. Locate the “Radeon Super Resolution” option. Switch it to “On.”

After enabling RSR remember to set a resolution, in your game compared to what your display can handle. This will allow RSR to effectively upscale the graphics. Just ensure that the chosen resolution matches the aspect ratio of your display for results.
To adjust the resolution and enable RSR for games, on Steam follow these steps;

  1. Open the Steam client. Go to your game library.
  2. Right click on the game you want to adjust and select “Properties.”
  3. In the “General” tab click on “Set Launch Options.”
  4. In the text box enter your desired resolution using this format; w (width) h (height) for example w 1280 h 720.
  5. Click “OK” to save the settings and then launch the game.

For Steam games and other applications you can modify the resolution through the Windows settings menu;

  1. Click on the “Start” button. Open the “Settings” app (or press Win+I).
  2. Go to “System”. Navigate to the “Display” section.
  3. Under “Display Resolution ” choose your resolution, from the drop down menu.
  4. Click on “Keep Changes” to apply it.

Once you have enabled RSR and adjusted your games resolution you’re all set! Enjoy improved FPS performance and enhanced visual quality during gameplay.
Don’t forget that you can always try resolutions to find the balance, between good visuals and smooth performance on your specific hardware.

RSR and Ray Tracing

AMD Radeon Super Resolution (RSR) is an amazing technology that greatly enhances the gaming experience especially when it comes to ray tracing. Since ray tracing requires a lot of power RSR can ensure that graphically demanding games run smoothly. The technology does this by scaling up the visuals without sacrificing much in terms of quality.

When you use RSR you’ll notice frame rates in games with ray tracing enabled. This is because RSR works on a driver level so it supports a range of titles regardless of their age or how developers implemented specific ray tracing features. Additionally RSR works alongside solutions like AMDs FidelityFX Super Resolution (FSR) which further boosts gaming performance.

Not does RSR enhance ray tracing performance. It also has the potential to support emerging technologies like XeSS, Intels AI powered upscaling solution. This could create synergy between hardware and software technologies pushing the boundaries of your gaming experience.

To make the most of RSR and ray tracing follow these tips;

Keep your GPU drivers up, to date;
Make sure you have the drivers, for your AMD GPU to take advantage of the improvements in RSR.

Experiment with RSR settings to find the balance between performance and image quality that suits your specific hardware and gaming preferences.

Keep an eye on your GPU usage while gaming to ensure there are no bottlenecks or performance issues caused by hardware components.

To sum it up AMDs Radeon Super Resolution (RSR) greatly enhances the gaming experience particularly when it comes to ray tracing performance. By scaling up visuals without compromising quality it delivers performance and support for a wide range of games. As technology progresses we can look forward to exciting advancements in this field.

Future AMD GPUs will continue to enhance gaming performance and image quality thanks to the introduction of Radeon Super Resolution (RSR). This feature brings resolution based improvements to a variety of games making it perfect for graphics cards, like the RX 6000 series.

As a gamer you’ll benefit from RSRs driver level support, which allows it to seamlessly work across titles, including games.This technology is expected to have a role, in AMDs GPU releases as it aims to provide seamless gameplay while maintaining excellent visual quality.

In the field of GPUs companies like Intel also strive to enhance gaming experiences. AMDs Ryzen, Threadripper and EPYC processors are already renowned for their high performance capabilities. With the support of RSR these powerful CPUs are likely to become more appealing to both gamers and professionals.

Staying updated on rumors and industry news will keep you informed about the developments in the world of GPUs. AMD consistently conducts research and development to introduce features that enhance user experiences with RSR being one example of their ongoing innovation.

When looking ahead to GPUs it is worth considering the advantages Radeon Super Resolution can bring to your gaming experience. With this technology in action you can anticipate frame rates and improved image quality across game titles. Your gaming experiences will level up as AMD continues pushing the boundaries of GPU performance and capabilities.


AMD Radeon Super Resolution (RSR) has proven itself as an addition to the realm of graphics cards. By offering performance enhancements based on resolution it holds potential, for enhancing your gaming experience
RSR brings advantages when playing graphics games at high resolutions. Unlike AMDs FidelityFX Super Resolution (FSR) RSR goes a step further by providing performance boosts in a variety of games. Since it operates at the driver level RSR can be applied to any game that runs on DirectX 11 or DirectX 12/12+. This broad compatibility makes RSR a valuable feature, for gamers who use AMD graphics cards.

However it’s important to note that RSR is currently exclusive to AMD technology. If you have a AMD graphics card you may not be able to utilize this feature. Nevertheless for those, with hardware and high resolution screens RSR is definitely worth considering as it enhances the gaming experience.

When deciding between RSR and its predecessor FSR it’s crucial to consider their differences and choose the one that aligns better with your requirements. While RSR offers compatibility FSR might offer intricate visuals and higher levels of detail in specific situations.

In conclusion AMDs Radeon Super Resolution showcases the companys dedication to enhancing gaming performance across a range of games.Although RSR may not be a fit, for everyone because it is only compatible with AMD it still showcases innovation, within the gaming industry.

Frequently Asked Questions

Does RSR Impact Gaming Performance?

Yes AMDs Radeon Super Resolution (RSR) is designed to enhance gaming performance by adjusting the games resolution. This allows for frame rates without compromising the quality of the game. So when you enable RSR you should notice an improvement, in your gaming experience.

Is RSR Beneficial for All Games?

RSR is designed to work with games, including older titles that may not have been specifically optimized for it. The beauty of RSR lies in its driver level implementation eliminating the need for game support. Whether you’re playing an action packed game or diving into a RPG RSR can provide performance enhancements across the board.

What Are the Differences in Visual Quality with RSR Enabled and Disabled?

The visual quality differences between using RSR and not using it can vary based on factors like the game you’re playing, in game settings and your hardware setup. Overall though RSR strives to maintain quality while delivering improved performance. It aims to strike a balance that ensures a gaming experience without compromising on aesthetics.
Sometimes you might observe variations, in sharpness or texture details. Overall RSR strives to find a balance between boosting performance and minimizing visual degradation.

How Does RSR Compare To Competing Technologies?

NVIDIAs Deep Learning Super Sampling (DLSS) is one of the competitors to RSR. DLSS is a machine learning based technology that enhances gaming performance. Although both RSR and DLSS aim to improve performance while maintaining quality they employ methods. RSR dynamically adjusts game resolution whereas DLSS uses AI algorithms to upscale lower resolution images. The effectiveness of each technology depends on factors like your hardware capabilities the game you’re playing and your personal expectations for performance. Your preference also plays a role in determining which technology suits you better.

What Are The System Requirements For Using RSR?

To utilize Radeon Super Resolution (RSR) you’ll need an AMD graphics card that supports it along with the Radeon Software Adrenalin drivers. Ensure that your system meets the requirements, for the game you’re playing and refer to the AMD website for any information regarding supported hardware or software updates.

Can RSR Be Enabled On Older AMD Graphics Cards?

If you have an AMD graphics card it’s worth checking if your older model is compatible, with the necessary drivers to use RSR. Make sure to review your cards specifications and confirm that your system meets the requirements for performance, with RSRs performance enhancing features.

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