Onur Ates

Onur Ateş

I’m Onur Ateş, the owner of Techtuv.com. With more than ten years of experience in web development and programming, I’ve specialized in front-end technologies like HTML, CSS and JavaScript, as well as back-end languages such as PHP and Python. The idea behind Techtuv was born out of my desire to share my knowledge and expertise with others. Whether its beginner coding tutorials or reviews on the gadgets and apps I cover a wide range of tech topics. My true passion lies in staying updated with technology trends while helping people learn along the way. As part of the Techtuv.com community we aim to provide you with information, about science, innovation, future technologies, and much more.

Steven Collins

Steven Collins

Hello, my name is Steven Collins. I am the Editor, in Chief at Techtuv, which’s a well-known online publication focusing on technology. With more than ten years of experience as a tech journalist and editor I bring writing and editing skills along with extensive knowledge of the industry. My main responsibility is overseeing Techtuv’s content strategy to ensure that we offer our readers engaging and informative articles and tutorials covering topics such as coding languages and gadget reviews. Leading a team of writers, my aim is to stay ahead of new innovations while also providing clear explanations for complex subjects. Outside of editing captivating tech stories you may find me exploring apps experimenting with electronics or attending industry events in search of the big story.

Noah Russell

I’m Noah russell. For the past five years, I’ve been actively involved in software development with a focus, on web development. My main areas of expertise include writing code, fixing bugs, and deploying software using languages like HTML, CSS, JavaScript and Python.
During my experience I have worked on projects that I would like to highlight:
Personal Portfolio Website: I designed and created a website to effectively showcase my projects while demonstrating my skills. This website was built using HTML, CSS and JavaScript.
E-commerce Platform: As part of an effort with a team we successfully implemented an e-commerce platform that included features such as shopping cart functionality, product search capabilities and user authentication. React and Django technologies played a role in developing this project.
These projects represent some of the work I have been involved in throughout my career as a software developer specializing in web development.