Top Piano Learning Apps for Beginners and Experts on iOS and Android

Learning how to play the piano can be a experience regardless of whether you’re a seasoned musician or a complete beginner. In todays era there is a range of piano apps that have gained popularity and are easily accessible, to anyone looking to improve their skills or start from scratch right on their mobile devices.

These versatile applications are compatible with both Android and iOS platforms offering options that cater to skill levels and learning preferences. Whether you have access to a piano or keyboard or if you’re starting with no knowledge at all these apps provide interactive and captivating guidance throughout your learning journey.

Among the multitude of piano apps in app stores some have garnered recognition, for their effectiveness user friendly interfaces and unique teaching methods. In this article we will explore the notch piano playing apps that can help unleash your potential and bring the joy of playing the piano straight to your fingertips.

A Brief Overview of Piano Playing Apps

When it comes to learning and practicing the piano there is an abundance of piano apps tailored for both Android and iOS platforms. These apps cater specifically to your needs by assisting you in honing your skills while making the entire process enjoyable.

Android Platform

On the Android platform you’ll come across a variety of piano applications, for download on the Google Play Store. Some notable piano apps for Android include;

  • Simply Piano: This acclaimed app offers a learning experience suitable for both beginners and experienced pianists.
  • Perfect Piano: As the name suggests this app provides a piano keyboard interface. Offers various customization options to facilitate learning and practice.
  • Real Piano Teacher 2: With its approach to piano learning this app incorporates games and multiple learning modes to enhance your skills.
  • Flowkey: Renowned for its extensive song library and interactive learning features Flowkey allows you to learn at your pace from the comfort of your home.

iOS Platform

Moving on to iOS platforms Apple users can find piano apps on the App Store that cater to their needs. Here are some popular choices:

  • Piano: This versatile app is also available on iOS devices. Serves as a reliable foundation for mastering the art of playing piano regardless of your current skill level.
  • OnlinePianist: Offering a approach OnlinePianist focuses on teaching famous songs through interactive sheet music and step, by step tutorials.
  • Flowkey: Flowkey is an option, for piano players who want to learn songs and techniques. It’s available on iOS and its extensive library and user friendly interface make it a top choice.

Remember, consistency in practicing and using these piano apps regularly will improve your skills and make your musical journey enjoyable. Good luck!

Getting Started with Piano Apps

For Beginners

Choosing the piano learning app is essential, for beginners. There are apps that cater to different skill levels offering engaging lessons and interactive features to help you learn piano effectively. Some popular beginner friendly piano apps include Piano, Pianote, Real Piano Teacher 2 and OnlinePianist.

These apps focus on aspects of piano playing like note reading, hand positioning and rhythm. They often incorporate gamification elements to keep you motivated and visually track your progress. Remember to dedicate practice time to work on exercises and songs provided by your chosen piano app. As you improve your skills the app will automatically adjust the lessons based on your level.

For Advanced Players

If you’re already a piano player there are piano apps that can help you refine your skills and expand your repertoire. Piano enthusiasts can take advantage of piano applications, like Skoove and Flowkey which offer lessons covering music theory, advanced techniques and challenging compositions. These apps are tailored to your skill level. Provide personalized guidance to help you reach your musical aspirations.

These advanced piano apps boast a collection of songs spanning genres and difficulty levels enabling you to challenge yourself with new pieces. Don’t hesitate to tackle compositions and techniques; the challenging the practice, the greater your growth as a musician.

In summary regardless of whether you’re a beginner or an experienced player there are piano apps that cater to your needs and proficiency levels. By engaging with these applications and dedicating time to practice you’ll be well on your way to mastering the art of playing the piano.

Exploring Popular Piano Apps

Piano by JoyTunes

Simply Piano is a sought after piano app with both Android and iOS devices. It is designed for players at all levels of expertise. Developed by JoyTunes this app has earned praise for its enhancements and user friendly interface. It works seamlessly alongside your piano or keyboard serving as a tool, for learning and refining your piano skills.


Flowkey stands out as a piano app that you can find on Android, iPhone and iPad. This app provides a user platform, for teaching piano through to follow lessons and interactive features to enhance your learning experience. With Flowkey you can practice at your pace. Keep track of your progress in real time.

Perfect Piano

Perfect Piano is an app thats accessible for both Android and iOS users. It offers an interface with a keyboard allowing you to personalize it according to your preferences. The app presents features such as instrument sounds, a metronome function and the option to share your performances with others. Perfect Piano caters to players of all skill levels who are looking to refine their abilities.


Yousician is a piano app that seamlessly blends enjoyable gameplay with educational content. It boasts a library of songs and exercises for learners to explore. Through Yousician you can follow step by step tutorials monitor your progress and achievements and even engage in competition with friends. It’s available, on both Android and iOS platforms.

Piano Maestro

Piano Maestro is a piano app designed to make learning a fun and interactive experience.With Piano Maestro you’ll have access, to a range of over 2,500 piano lessons, games and exercises for different skill levels. This app also features songs from genres to keep you engaged and entertained while continuously improving your skills. It’s available for iOS users.

Features to Look for in Piano Apps

When selecting the piano app to enhance your skills or start learning consider these features that will maximize your musical journey.

Real-time Feedback

Instant Feedback: Look for apps that provide real time feedback on your playing. This feature helps you identify mistakes and correct your technique as you practice. Apps like Piano and Flowkey offer this feature allowing you to monitor progress and ensure accurate notes and rhythms.

Subscription Services

Subscription Options; Evaluate whether the app offers a subscription service or a one time purchase option. Subscription services often provide updates and additional content to keep your learning experience fresh and engaging. Some apps, such as Piano and Flowkey offer yearly subscriptions while others, like Perfect Piano have a one time purchase option that unlocks all features.

Musical Genres

Variety of Musical Genres; Choose an app that offers a range of genres to explore.Expanding your repertoire and honing your skills across music styles can greatly benefit you. Numerous piano applications offer a range of songs, from jazz, pop and other genres to cater to your personal interests and preferences.

Lesson Plans

One crucial aspect of a piano app is the availability of structured lesson plans that guide you through the learning process. These plans should be organized by difficulty level. Cover topics like music theory, sight reading and finger techniques. Look for apps such as Piano and Real Piano Teacher 2 that provide lesson plans to ensure a comprehensive learning experience.

Song Libraries

Additionally it’s important to consider the size and diversity of the apps song library. A rich and varied song collection will keep you engaged and motivated to practice. Many piano apps offer libraries with hundreds or even thousands of songs spanning genres and difficulty levels. Examples include Piano and Perfect Ear which cater to skill levels and musical interests.

Learning Techniques and Exercises

Music Theory

Furthermore when it comes to learning techniques and exercises for playing the piano developing a foundation, in music theory is paramount. Several piano apps provide activities and lessons focused on teaching these concepts. You will delve into the world of scales, chords, rhythm patterns and how they work together to form music. To reinforce your understanding, exercises, on signatures, intervals and other essential aspects of music theory.

Reading Sheet Music

Besides grasping music theory concepts it is crucial to develop your ability to read sheet music. Piano applications often include exercises designed to help you identify and play notes on both the bass clefs. You will practice recognizing symbols like rests and dynamics so that you can accurately interpret sheet music. As you progress in your skills your sight reading abilities will improve, making it easier for you to learn pieces.


The art of improvisation is a skill for any pianist as it gives you the freedom to express yourself creatively while playing. Some applications offer exercises and techniques for improvisation, such, as experimenting with chord progressions and playing around with rhythms. By exploring the realm of improvisation you will enhance your ability to create music spontaneously either as a performer or when collaborating with others.

MIDI Keyboards

For an learning experience consider using a USB/MIDI keyboard alongside your piano application. Many apps support MIDI keyboards which enable you to practice the techniques you have learned on an instrument. If you connect your MIDI keyboard to the app you can receive feedback on your playing. This feedback can help you identify mistakes and track your progress.

By incorporating these techniques and exercises into your learning journey you will develop the skills needed to play the piano confidently and skillfully. Take advantage of the features, in piano apps to enhance your understanding of music theory improve your reading skills and explore improvisation. When you combine these lessons with a MIDI keyboard it creates a interactive and immersive experience.

Additional Features in the App

Engaging Lessons

One of the standout features in piano apps is their lessons that make learning enjoyable. These lessons provide real time feedback on your playing to ensure that you’re making progress. With lessons you have access to a range of songs from classical pieces, to contemporary pop hits. The gamification aspect allows you to track your progress and unlock levels as you improve your skills.

Informative Video Tutorials

Another feature found in piano apps is video tutorials. These tutorials guide you through aspects of playing the piano, including finger positioning, reading sheet music and understanding musical notation. If you follow along, with video tutorials you can gain insights and techniques from pianists, which will enhance your skills even further.

Recording Capability

One useful feature found in piano apps is the ability to record your performances. This allows you to listen back on and reflect on your playing making it easier to identify areas for improvement. Whether you’re practicing a piece or simply improvising this feature enables you to track your progress over time. You can also share these recordings with friends, family or even instructors to get their feedback and support. Additionally some apps offer options to export and save your recordings in formats for use.

Integration with Microphone

Another valuable feature offered by piano apps is microphone integration. This functionality enables the app to listen to your playing in time and provide feedback. By utilizing the built in microphone of your device the app can analyze aspects like note accuracy, timing and overall performance quality. This personalized approach helps ensure that you are practicing the techniques and allows for an efficient learning experience.

Considering Costs

When selecting the piano app, for yourself it’s important to take cost into consideration. Many apps provide a free trial period that allows you to test out their features before committing to a subscription or purchase. This can be a way to discover the app within your budget as you have the opportunity to experiment with different applications and find one that strikes the perfect balance, between cost and functionality.

For those with a budget there are reasonably priced or even free piano apps available. Some apps, such as Perfect Piano and Real Piano Teacher 2 can be accessed without any subscription fees. This means you can enjoy functionality and learn the basics without spending a penny. However keep in mind that free apps might contain advertisements or require in app purchases to unlock features.

If you’re seeking piano learning tools certain apps offer monthly or yearly subscription plans. For instance Simply Piano and Flowkey provide subscription options that grant you access to lesson libraries personalized lesson plans and interactive learning features designed to enhance your development. Subscription fees typically range from $10 to $20 per month; alternatively you may find package deals that offer a discounted price for committing to a plan.

To sum it up always take into consideration your budget and the cost of the piano app you’re interested in. By exploring trials and pricing options available out there you’ll be able to find an ideal fit, for learning how to play the piano on your Android or iOS device.

Exploring Different Genres


If you’re interested, in learning piano there are apps available for you to choose from. Apps like Simply Piano and Flowkey are tailored specifically for music enthusiasts. They offer a selection of pieces composed by renowned musicians such as Mozart, Beethoven and Bach. By practicing the style using these apps you can improve your sheet music reading skills enhance your technique and deepen your understanding of music theory.


For beginners who want to start playing the piano pop songs are a choice. Many popular piano apps cater to this genre, such as Magic Piano by Smule and Piano by Gismart. These apps provide a collection of pop songs ranging from hits to timeless classics. This makes it easy for you to find your melodies and learn how to play them on the piano. Additionally these apps can help you develop skills like chords, rhythm and hand coordination.


If you’re a rock enthusiast and aspire to play hits from bands like The Beatles there are dedicated apps for that too. Apps, like Simply Piano and Pianist HD offer lessons and courses specifically designed for rock music lovers. You can learn rock piano riffs and progressions that allow you to unleash your rockstar while playing the keys. These applications often come with rock songs. Offer tutorials or guided practice to assist you in mastering the complexities of playing rock piano.


If you have an interest, in delving into the realm of jazz piano there are applications such as Tenuto and Piano Chords and Scales that can aid you in establishing a foundation in this genre. These apps will teach you jazz chord progressions, scales and improvisation techniques. By dedicating time to practicing jazz piano you can cultivate your expression on the instrument and unlock the potential to explore various improvisational styles. Remember, regular practice is essential for mastering any genre. With the help of these piano apps exploring styles like classical, pop, rock and jazz becomes a delightful and enlightening experience.

Device Compatibility

Phones and Tablets

Many piano apps are designed to function on both Android and iOS devices. Including phones and tablets. Applications like Simply Piano, Perfect Piano and Real Piano Teacher 2 are available on both platforms enabling you to learn and practice piano on your device. This grants you the flexibility to play and practice piano whenever you desire. Even while, on the go. Making it easier for you to incorporate it into your routine.

Digital and Acoustic Pianos

Digital and acoustic pianos have the advantage of being compatible, with apps like Piano and Flowkey. This means you can use these apps with your piano or keyboard than relying solely on a virtual keyboard. These apps work by utilizing your devices microphone to listen and analyze the notes you play giving you feedback for an accurate and engaging learning experience. If you have an iPad or a larger tablet you can conveniently place it on your pianos music stand for visibility while practicing.

Midi Keyboards

For those who prefer using MIDI keyboards there are piano apps that offer compatibility through USB or MIDI connection. One example is Perfect Piano, which can be used in conjunction with a MIDI keyboard to give you the option of practicing on a weighted keyboard for an authentic playing feel. By connecting your MIDI keyboard to your phone or tablet you can take advantage of the apps features such as real time feedback and customized practice sessions. Just remember that having the connection cable like a USB MIDI cable and possibly an adapter for your device is essential for ensuring a connection, between your keyboard and the app.

Understanding the compatibility of piano apps, with devices is crucial to optimizing your learning experience regardless of the type of device or piano you have. This knowledge will enable you to progress and stay motivated as you embark on your piano journey.

In conclusion

Upon exploring a range of piano apps for Android and iOS, two effective options for learning and practicing piano have emerged; Simply Piano by JoyTunes and flowkey. These apps offer a learning experience for both beginners and advanced players.

Simply Piano stands out with its collection of lessons and exercises making it an ideal choice for those starting from scratch or seeking improvement. Its engaging approach and gamified structure work together to maintain motivation and foster progress.

On the hand flowkey provides a platform that allows you to learn at your own pace. With its vast library encompassing a variety of songs and exercises it caters to diverse tastes and skill levels.

Additionally there are apps worth mentioning such as Piano Academy by Yokee Music, Playground Sessions for Piano and Perfect Piano. These applications also offer resources to enhance your piano playing abilities positioning them as contenders, in the market.

When selecting a piano app remember to consider your goals learning style well as device compatibility factors.To unlock your potential and embark on the journey of mastering the piano it’s crucial to select the app that suits your needs.

Frequently Asked Questions

What are some piano apps, for beginners?

If you’re just starting out on your piano journey there are apps that can assist you. Simply Piano by JoyTunes, Flowkey, Skoove and Piano Academy by Yokee Music are among the choices. These apps provide step by step lessons, a selection of songs to practice and interactive features to help you learn at your pace.

Which free piano apps are available for Android users?

Android users have access to a variety of piano apps. Some notable options include Perfect Piano, Real Piano Teacher 2 and Magic Piano by Smule. These apps offer piano sounds, different playing modes and even auto accompaniment features.

What are the apps for adults learning piano?

Adults who want to learn how to play the piano can greatly benefit from apps like Flowkey, Skoove and Playground Sessions for Piano. These applications cater to skill levels. Provide a comprehensive curriculum that helps you improve your technique understand music theory better and master different styles of playing.

Which piano apps tend to be popular among children?

When it comes to children learning the piano through an app format Simply Piano by JoyTunes is highly favored along, with Mussila Music School and Note Quest; Learn Piano Fast.

Looking for some recommended free piano apps for your iPhone?

Well you’re, in luck! There are a few options to choose from. You can check out apps like Piano by JoyTunes, Perfect Piano and OnlinePianist; Piano Tutorial. These apps offer a range of features that make learning piano enjoyable and engaging. From lessons to sheet music libraries and customizable settings they have everything you need to develop your skills at your pace.

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