Top Piano Learning Apps for Beginners and Experts on iOS and Android

The process of piano playing can be a journey, no matter if you are a professional musician or a novice. In the modern era, there are a variety of piano apps that have become famous and can be downloaded by anyone who wants to improve his or her skills or start from the basics right on his or her phone.

The multifunctional applications are compatible with both Android and iOS platforms and offer choices that are suitable according to the skill levels and the learning preferences of the users. Be it a piano or keyboard, or even if you are a beginner, these apps will be with you all the way through your learning process, giving you interactive and exciting directions.

Among the many piano apps that are in the app stores, some of them have been awarded for their efficiency, user-friendly interfaces, and the different ways they teach. In the following article, we will discuss excellent piano-playing apps that can help you discover your talent and play the piano directly from your fingertips.

A Brief Overview of Piano Playing Apps

The piano apps designed for both Android and iOS are so many that they make the process of learning and practicing the piano easier. These applications are designed to fit your needs by aiding you in improving your skills and, at the same time, making the whole process fun.

Android Platform

On the Android platform, there will be a number of piano apps that can be downloaded from the Google Play Store. Some notable piano apps for Android include:

  • Simply Piano: This famous app has a learning experience that can be used by both novice and experienced pianists.
  • Perfect Piano: By its name, this app is a piano keyboard interface. Allows many customization options to make learning and practicing easier.
  • Real Piano Teacher 2: The app deals with piano learning by including games and several learning methods to improve your skills.
  • Flowkey: Famous for its large song collection and the interactive learning features that it has. Flowkey makes you learn at your own pace from home.

iOS Platform

The next point is that on iOS platforms, users who are Apple customers can find piano apps on the App Store that fit their needs. Here are some popular choices:

  • Piano: Another name of this app, which can be used on both iOS and Android devices, is the versatile app. It is the solid basis for the acquisition of the skills of playing the piano, no matter how high or low your competence is.
  • OnlinePianist: The approach of OnlinePianist is to learn famous songs by means of an internet interface with interactive sheet music and step-by-step tutorials.
  • Flowkey: Flowkey is a solution for piano players who are looking for songs and techniques to learn. It is accessible on iOS, and its wide collection of books and simple interface make it the best option.

Do not forget that your frequent use and regular practice of these piano apps will be the key to increasing your skills and making your musical journey a happy one. Good luck!

Getting Started with Piano Apps

For Beginners

The use of the piano learning app is crucial for beginners. The programs are designed to target various levels of skills, and they provide the instructional lessons and interesting features that will help you learn to play the piano. A number of popular beginner-friendly piano apps are Piano, Piano, Pianote, Real Piano Teacher 2, and OnlinePianist.

These apps are designed to cater to the needs of piano players on different levels, like note reading, hand positioning, and rhythm. They usually bring in the gamification components to make you stay motivated and have the possibility to visually see your progress. Do not forget to set aside time for studying the exercises and songs provided by your selected piano app. As you gain proficiency in the skills, the app will automatically modify the lessons according to your level.

For Advanced Players

Through piano apps, you can refine your skills and broaden your repertoire if you are already a piano player. Piano lovers will be able to use piano applications such as Skoove and Flowkey, which are full of lessons on music theory, advanced techniques, and difficult pieces that can be used for a long time. The apps are customized to your level of skill. Give the student individual advice to help him or her achieve his or her goal.

These live piano applications have hundreds of songs covering genres and levels of difficulty that will help you go beyond your comfort zone with new pieces. Do not delay to compose and master the techniques; the tougher the practice, the more you will advance as a musician.

To sum up, whether you are a beginner or an expert, there are piano apps that you can rely on depending on your needs and the level of your expertise. Through the interaction with these applications and the time spent practicing, you will almost certainly already be on the path to becoming a piano player of excellence.

Exploring Popular Piano Apps

Piano by JoyTunes

These modern piano apps are known to have a wide range of songs, from different genres to different levels of difficulty, which, in turn, allows you to challenge yourself with new pieces. Do not be afraid to write compositions and techniques; the more difficult the practice, the greater your musical growth.


Flowkey distinguishes itself as a piano app that is available for installation on Android, iPhone, and iPad among the hierarchy of smartphones. With this app, students acquire these country codes and learn to play piano in an interactive manner that involves easy learning instructions and a friendly environment for teaching piano. With Flowkey, you can go as slow as you need and thus practice the different parts of the songs till you get it right. The current mode counts for you in real time.

Perfect Piano

The Perfect Piano is an app. for screen though for both the Android and iOS users. This will give you the opportunity to type with the keyboard, meaning you will be able to set individual choices. The app provides instrument sounds and metronome function on the one hand, then you can share your material with friends on the other hand. From beginner to advanced, our Perfect Piano school can provide the help you need to improve.


The app Yousician is nothing but a game that creatively transforms musician education by mingling educational content with fun. It provides music and exercise collections for the new learners to surf. By using Yousician, you will be able to track your results, review the step-by-step instructions, and imagine yourself engaged in combat with your friends. It can be found on the Google Play Store and App Store (iOS) for free.

Piano Maestro

Piano Maestro is a piano app that aims to use a non-boring and catchy concept to make the learning process more enjoyable and entertaining. Guess what? Piano Maestro benefits you in various aspects. You will have access to over 2,500 piano lessons plus games and exercises to cater to all levels of skill. The app also comes with tunes from varied categories, waking you up and keeping you interested as you improve your skills. It’s all set for those who are iPhone users.

Features to Look for in Piano Apps

One of the key factors to be taken into account while opting for the piano app for either skill enhancement or commencing the musical journey is that there are several features that will make your journey outstanding.

Real-time Feedback

Instant Feedback: Try looking for apps that come up with an instant appraisal of your playing condition. The highlighted benefit of this function is that it helps you find any errors in your approach and change your behavior as you practice. The Piano and Flowkey are examples of apps that offer this feature, which enables one-to-one tutorials, enabling one to keep track of their progress with respect to the notes and rhythm.

Subscription Services

Subscription Options: Compare the app features to see if a subscription is provided; otherwise, choose the one-time purchase option. Subscription services often remain a source of supplementary and updated materials to ensure your learning process evolves with your skills. An app like Piano and Flowkey can have a subscription of a year, whereas Perfect Piano is the other app that is a one-time purchase, which hides all the features of the app after it is fully paid.

Musical Genres

Variety of Musical Genres: Select an app that allows users to choose from multiple types of music genres. Exploiting your countless possibilities for music and taking the challenge to be masters of all kinds of music styles would bring you a lot of progress. Pattern has many piano applications, from which you can choose songs for jazz, pop, and other genres related to your personal interests and likes.

Lesson Plans

What is equally significant when creating a piano app is giving a learner the option to follow structured educational plans that will help him to proceed in an unpredictable order. Difficulty-level-based plan arrangements will help to organize better. Cover topics such as music theory, sight reading, fingers, techniques, etc. Find apps like Piano and Real Piano Teacher 2, which contain tutorial sessions, so that you can have a full learning plan.

Song Libraries

Moreover, we also must examine the size and variety of the app’s song library. The combined song collection that is varied and rich can always prove to be an inspiration and a motivation for you to keep practicing consistently. Most of these apps boast large song libraries with many tunes from different musical compositions that are easy to play regardless of the proficiency of the newbie. Among others, the piano and perfect ear can be used to target those who just started playing the instrument and those who have a certain musical side and would like to develop it.

Learning Techniques and Exercises

Music Theory

As for techniques that we will need in piano playing, music theory is always the first thing to be mastered. To start with, the interface gives users access to activities and lessons that specifically introduce these elements. You are going to be immersed in the realm of scales, chords, and rhythm sections bursting apart and how they are all connected together to form music. To reinforce the subject matter, undertake the exercises on signatures, intervals, and other important theoretical topics.

Reading Sheet Music

In addition to firmly engraving music theory premises into your mind, practice your skills to read the notes on a sheet. The musical apps also come with drills devoted to the task of picking out both bass clef notes and then playing them. The basics of reading musical notation, such as how to recognize symbols like rests and dynamics, will also be taught, in addition to how to accurately interpret sheet music. As you gain more power, your sight-reading skills will surely grow, especially for piano pieces, which will be easier to master.


Improvisation is the art, where every pianist can show their inner passion and personal style, get the freedom to enjoy the process. Some apps offer workouts and techniques that include changing chord progressions, and others will give you much more freedom to improvise. On the road to learning improvisation, you would be skilled in the art of playing music spontaneously, either as a performer or while collaborating with other people.

MIDI Keyboards

For a more practical learning experience, try performing digital music using a USB or MIDI keyboard and not only your piano app. Many apps involved in learning music and musical instruments also support MIDI keyboards, making them the best way to practice your skills. By the way, if you connect your midi keyboard to the app, you can receive feedback on your playing. This kind of feedback means you can make corrections and measure your success.

Through your learning adventure, having these methods and practical exercises is an important step for you to be confident in playing the piano expertly. Get through the advantages of the advantages of the instrumental app to deepen your understanding of the theory of music, master your reading skills, and enjoy improvisation. Once these lessons are combined with a midi keyboard, you not only see but also hear, feel, and experience the music deeply.

Additional Features in the App

Engaging Lessons

A highlight of piano apps is that they have lessons, that’s unlike other apps, thus make it easy to learn. You are getting lessons that serve as a time reference for the actual playing. This is to ensure that you are making progress. With lessons, you can open the whole world of music: classical, jazz, rock, and others. Just give it a try! Through this feature of gamification, you can see your progress and move up the skill levels as you bolster your skills.

Informative Video Tutorials

On the other hand, there are piano apps with embedded video tutorials in their software. Their goal is to make you a pro at piano playing by giving you the necessary lessons on one-finger positioning, reading sheet music, and music notation. Through the scheduled videos, you’ll be able to learn approaches and procedures that will be helpful to you, along with information that will make your skills better.

Recording Capability

Piano keyboards usually serve the function of recording your performances. It’s this that lets you listen again and think over your playing, which in turn is the best way for you to identify what you need to improve on. You will be able to follow your development in your musical skills as you are either practicing a piece or just improvising with your instrument. Another way to get feedback to improve your performance is by sharing these recordings with your friends, family, or even instructors to get support and feedback. Other features, including save and export options, in some apps enable you to use the recordings in the future.

Integration with Microphone

The microphone integration function is another useful app feature in the piano apps. This feature makes the program interact with users during the exercise and give advice. Taking advantage of your inbuilt microphone, the app can measure aspects such as note pitch, time of note, and your playing performance. This personal approach undertakes the show; you are practicing the techniques, hence bringing an end to an efficient learning process.

Considering Costs

When you are selecting your own app for a piano, the price is very important to you. There is quite a good percentage of apps that offer a free trial period that will allow you to examine their features before buying them outright. It could be a chance to discover which apps in your budget would work best for you as you get to practice with different apps and find one that strikes the right balance of cost and functionality for you.

For those who are on budget, there is a selection of piano apps at fairly low rates or even for free. Some apps, for example, Play Piano for Free and Real Piano Teacher 2, do not have any subscription fees. In other words, you are able to make the most of its features and acquire the core skills without costing a dime. Nevertheless, you have to understand that free apps may host ads or require payment to be made if you want to use their full features.

An instance of this is apps that are for professionals who run these piano lessons on a monthly or yearly basis. For example, Simply Piano and Flowkey offer subscriptions that are meant to help you with lesson libraries, personalized lesson tracks, and interactive sessions within which you can improve your playing. The subscriptions’ prices are typically in the range of $10 to $20 per month, while if you choose to go with a package deal, you would pay a discounted price after committing to a plan.

As a conclusion, your budget should stay in mind, and the cost of the piano app you want to choose should also be taken into account. After going through the trials of the available platforms and price ranges, you will be able to determine the ideal solution for an application of playing the piano, either on a device running Android or iOS.

Exploring Different Genres


If playing piano is your cup of tea, you are able to select from the available apps. The apps, namely Simply Piano and Flowkey, were developed with music lovers in mind. They provide a variety of music written by the famous composers, e.g., Mozart, Beethoven, and Bach. Through the practice of this style using these apps, it makes it easier for you to acquire the skills of sheet music reading, refine your technique, and grasp the concept of music theory.


Pianists just starting on the instrument should consider using simple pop songs to build their foundation. Most charting piano apps are tilted towards this category, specifically apps like Magic Piano by Smule and Piano by Gismart. These apps include pop songs that range from recent hits to old classic melodies. This is what makes the task of memorizing your melodies and comfortably playing them on the piano so effortless. Moreover, these apps may allow you to develop new skills such as chords, rhythm, and hand coordination, among others.


Rock fans who dream of playing songs from The Beatles or other bands are also encompassed. There are apps that embrace them all. Apps such as Simply Piano and Pianist HD are examples of games that enable users to follow ultimate courses and lessons targeting players who are particularly interested in rock music. Pick up rock piano licks and patterns that will make you a lead trumpeter, and you can play the piano well. Usually, these applications entail rock music along with them. Find your rock piano tutorials or follow guided practices to become a virtuoso in the art of this kind of piano play.


An example would be Tenuto, which helps you get a proper understanding of and learn the genre of jazz piano with other related software such as piano chords and scales. Such apps will help you understand the jazz chord progressions, scale, and play freely through improvisation. Spending time regularly on the jazz piano allows for furthering the expression on the instrument and also gives you the possibility to drift into multiple kinds of improvisational styles. Like several others before, mastery of an instrumental music style requires constant practice. The various music apps designed for the piano necessitate that you venture into different styles, ranging from classical, pop, rock, and jazz, that become enjoyable ways to learn.

Device Compatibility

Phones and Tablets

Numerous of the piano applications are made to work on the Android and Apple iOS systems. Including phones and tablets. For instance, applications such as Simply Piano, Perfect Piano, and Real Piano Teacher 2 or their versions are available on both platforms, giving you the chance to learn and play piano using your device. This gives you the freedom to pick up and practice piano, which enables you to play the instrument at any time you want. Despite that, one will still be equipped with all the necessary amenities for comfort. Doing so will make it much simpler for you to take it along with you, so the routine should not be disrupted.

Digital and Acoustic Pianos

The notable feature of the MIDI keyboard and grand piano is their capability to run audio applications such as Trensano Pianist and Flowkey. It implies that, in contrast with just a virtual keyboard, you can use the apps with your piano or keyboard. This is definitely good news for piano teachers and keyboard players. These tools are able to compose the notes you play by means of auditing and evaluating microphone inputs so that the feedback for a perfect experience is not lost. If you own an iPad or a bigger tablet, you can simply put it on your MP’s music stand during practice so it can be visualized well.

Midi Keyboards

If you want to use the MIDI equipment, we have music apps that have the piano that you can connect to your computer with either a USB or MIDI cable. One of the samples is Perfect Piano, which is accompanied by a MIDI keyboard. In this way, you may be encouraged to practice playing on a weighted keyboard for a genuine key feel. With a MIDI keyboard being your only requirement, the app can be accessed directly from your phone or tablet. It provides features like instant feedback and a tailored plan that boosts your learning directly. Do not forget that having a connection like a USB MIDI cable and sometimes an adapter for your device is compulsory in order for the music production program to recognize and stay connected to your keyboard.

Following the device compatibility of piano apps is important enough to ensure you can get the best out of your learning if you have an iPad, desktop, mobile phone, or digital piano. The revelation of this fact will give you the courage and momentum to move on and carry on in your ceaseless venture for the mastery of the piano.

In conclusion

Upon exploring a range of piano apps for Android and iOS, two effective options for learning and practicing piano have emerged: For instance, Piano Ovation and Digital Piano Technologies by JoyTunes products best fit this category, e.g., Piano Ovation, Digital Piano Technologies, and so on. The programs provide a willing learner to the beginner as well as perfect ones.

Simply Piano makes an outstanding choice thanks to its wide variety of lessons and exercises, therefore becoming a very good option for “beginners” or those who want to be better. It’s ability to be interesting and its game-designed structure combine to keep motivating and cause progress.

However, unlike most learning platforms that rely on pre-structured lessons, FlowKey provides you with an environment where you can learn at your own pace. With a large auspices library that consists of many different pieces of music and exercises, it serves a diverse audience by catering to various tastes, skills, and levels.

Moreover, special apps that I would like to add to the list are Yokee Music’s Piano Academy, Piano Tutorials by Playground Sessions, and Perfect Piano. Not only that, they are equipped with provisions that help you increase your piano playing skills; they are also contenders in the market.

While choosing the piano app, the following things, namely, the decisions regarding your goals, learning style, and device compatibility, are urgently needed: The process of unleashing your capability as well as starting the pull towards mastering the piano requires you to identify the app that you prefer.

Frequently Asked Questions

What are some piano apps, for beginners?

If you are just beginning your piano journey, there are apps that can be of great help. JoyTunes, Flowkey, Skoove, and Piano Academy by Yokee Music are some of the possible choices for Simply Piano. These apps offer step-by-step lessons, a range of songs to practice, and interactive features to learn at the pace that suits each individual.

Which free piano apps are available for Android users?

Android users can play the piano on the different piano apps. There are some outstanding examples of such programs, like Perfect Piano, Real Piano Teacher 2, and Magic Piano by Smule. These apps provide piano sounds, several playing modes, and even auto-accompanist features.

What are the apps for adults learning piano?

Adults who want to learn how to play the piano can easily use apps like Flowkey, Skoove, and Playground Sessions for Piano. The programs are designed to suit various skill levels. Give a thorough curriculum that you can use to enhance your technique, learn more about music theory, and learn different styles of playing.

Which piano apps tend to be popular among children?

When it comes to children learning the piano through the app format, commonly, people would say Simply Piano by JoyTunes is the one they like the most with Mussila Music School and Note Quest: Learn Piano Fast.

Looking for some recommended free piano apps for your iPhone?

Well, you’re in luck! One has to select from among a list of several possibilities. You may try to look into apps like Piano by JoyTunes, Perfect Piano, OnlinePianist, and Piano Tutorial. These apps have a variety of functions that turn learning piano into a fun and interesting activity. From lessons to sheet music libraries and the option of customized settings, they have all that you need to improve your skills at your own pace.

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