The World’s First Electric Hyper Barchetta: Pininfarina B95 Unveiled

What is going on in the realm of vehicles is innovative as always, and it appears that the newest addition to all the examples of unique electric cars is the Pininfarina B95! When jumping on the car, the first thing you’ll notice is that it mingles the great design of the professionals with the latest technology very well. Automobili Pininfarina, the very first hyper barchetta design by an eco-conscious company to mark their debut in the all-electric mobility space, is a reflection of their commitment to make a carbon-neutral dream come true without sacrificing any style or luxury of mechanical aesthetics.

Being the world’s first electric hyper barchetta, the B95 goath back the performance that competes with the combustion hypercar rivals. Boosted up by a 1,900 HP engine, this mega-vehicle is able to do 0–60 mph only in two seconds and yet delivers super comfort and smooth driving. Using a convex line in the car body, the vehicle is designed to have an eye-catching icon on almost every road.

With ten samples of this car to be produced, it is obvious that the Pininfarina B95 is definitely a landmark in the history of car-making. Its launch at the Monterey Car Week connects the Automobili Pininfarina brand with a new chapter in the beauty of both these vehicles and the flourish of our automotive world since this electric hyper barchetta represents both performance and sustainability at its core.

A New Era: The Pininfarina B95

Venue is the place where the Pininfarina B95 hypercar dazzled with its revolutionary design during Monterey Car Week, one of the biggest car events of the year. Prepare to be immersed in a true masterpiece that will exceed being called a car at all but will become the world’s first electric hyper barchetta.

Designed for Pinnfarina Automobili, the B95  is the pinnacle of automotive innovation. In addition to the car’s fascinating metallic Bronzo Superga body, the Giallo Arneis gloss exterior appears as an eye-catching element that dominates some sections, such as the front and the driver’s dome. No wonder it has black sparkle gloss in the form of ’95’ lettering.

The Rimac played a key role in the B95 as the company provided the powertrain, which allowed for the car to achieve an admirable top speed of 186 MPH, as verified by CAR Magazine UK. This outstanding performance, in addition to its layout, ranks undoubtedly as a masterpiece.

While marveling at this creation, it becomes clear that Automobili Pininfarina has achieved something: a product that is the epitome of innovation among electric cars. This being the first electric hyper barchetta in the world will be synonymous with a new chapter in automotive history.

Design Language

When it comes to design language, the B95 Pininfarina is a seamless combination of technology and craftwork, a real sign of charisma and coolness. The car’s principle is the PURA design philosophy, which creates harmony between how it looks and functions. In this way, the B95 can have a design that is timeless and also be an electric hypercar at the same time.

The roof of the car guarantees feeling free. blends together an assortment of retro and modern features. Combined with the elegant and muscular shape of the bodywork, this compact shape fills the space of the road perfectly.

Every single detail of the Pininfarina B95 comes from a deep study, as the forged aluminum wheels not only improve its performance but also make the car more attractive. This wheel matches well with the design. Show the car’s amazing features in a very expressive way.

In harmony with the PURA concept, the B95’s exterior is characterized by long forms running from front to back, emphasizing its economy and aesthetics. Integration of the T-shaped battery, which combines function and emphasizes the concept of the vehicle, is carried out at a high skill level.

The car’s sills and flanks are immaculately shaped to sanction the link between the wheel arches, deepening its role as a hypercar. The Pininfarina B95 stands out from the group by adopting the confident, knowledgeable, neutral, and clear design language of the vehicle.

The B95’s exquisite design and intransigence of ideals unite classical beauty with avant-garde engineering. It proudly wears its badge as the electric hyper barchetta of the world, projecting the mobility of the future.

Innovation and Technology

The Pininfarina B95 is an innovative design that is carving a niche for itself by being the first electric hyper barchetta in the world. This outstanding electric car integrates a wonderful combination of the latest technology with a fascinating design to create an unforgettable driving experience.

While its exterior is captivating, this model is powered by a next-generation lithium-ion battery that functions as its pulsing core. The source of power is so powerful, and this sustainable performance permits you to drive with confidence while remaining environmentally friendly.

As an electric car (EV), the B95 can work with DC rapid chargers. This makes using the hyper barchetta very simple while at the same time ensuring optimum levels of efficiency. The B95 offers a free-of-anxiety driving mode, as its electric engine makes it impossible to run out of range. While battery technology is becoming increasingly advanced, the range of electric vehicles keeps improving.

This electric hyper barchetta reflects vintage elements in its styling with a twist of modern automotive technology. So, what you get in the end is a car that not only looks aesthetically pleasing but also performs thrillingly. The B95 is a car that will not leave anyone indifferent because of its aggressive design. You will also be proud of the small but significant contribution you are making to environmental preservation.

In essence, the Pininfarina B95 represents future technology driven by the extra-willing electric superbarchetta design. Join us and experience the strength of a car that runs purely on electricity.

Performance and Powertrain

The Pininfarina B95 becomes the first electric supercar in the world that follows the hyper barchetta concept and is powered electrically. It follows the victorious predecessor, the deep-motor Battista Hyper GT, and it still provides the customer with remarkable technology as well as an exceeding speed.

The heart of the Nvo-1 is taken from the original Battista. Therefore, it is fitted with a total complementing system to make it universally functional and stunning. The B95 car will give you an extra feeling of the vehicle’s unrivaled lightning-speed acceleration. If you want precision and stability, there is a technology such as torque vectoring. This means that the car always knows what you need from it. Its durable build competently handles power, which results in a savoir-faire driving style.

The B95 impressively depicts the electric vehicle platform that Bestar Motors champions. It answers all the requirements of voltage consistency and agility in terms of speed and surface. It means that it will also appeal to car fans and users who are into sustainable lifestyles and environmental awareness. A vehicle with a combination of style, luxury, and performance that represents the good work the Automobili Pininfarina is known for is an example of a result derived from their commitment to excellent electric vehicles.

Briefly, B95 of Pininfarina stands for a tech innovation, clearly indicating that electric vehicles hold the future of transport. In terms of its outstanding performance, splendid styling, and leading-edge powertrain, it really has set quite a high standard for innovation and electric mobility.

Interior and Comfort

Being inside the Pininfarina B95 cabin will make you feel comfortable and appreciate the attention given to detail. The electric hyper barchetta car has been designed to ensure the safety of its occupants, yet at the same time, it shows its commitment to the finer things in life.

The Cabin of B95 is all about accessible enjoyment at its best. It is characterized by a top-notch interior equipped with first-class materials aimed at making you calm and safe, as if you are enjoying the ride in a domestic mode. The cabin’s ergonomics are minutely done to perfection for you to have a joyous trip all the way! From the beginning to the end of the controls, it is all thoughtfully designed to improve your journey.

Thus, the main point of the project is the manufacture of helmets for both drivers and other passengers. Those helmets are not just hats; they are tailored for B95. Duplicate the extraordinary craftsmanship and careful finishing that are typical features of the car. These helmets magnify protection as you cruise at a high pace without compromising style or luxury.

B95 implementation, the latest technology, is the essence of its fascinating design. A mixture of both the analog and digital interfaces seems to elegantly provide data. The positioned displays allow the driver to monitor all necessary data in a live manner without any hassle. Moreover, with regard to the enhanced connection possibilities, it is easy to synchronize the devices and gain access to numerous services with no effort.

To wrap up, the Pininfarina B95 brings together safety, stylishness, and the latest technology to give its customers a cruise in terms of features and comfort. As soon as you take a seat in this electric hyper barchetta car, you find out that you cannot. Appreciate the fine quality of this unique construction and the efforts made to get it built as the first of its kind.

A Source of Pure Inspiration

The B95 by Pininfarina is a car that has designs rooted in the race cars of the past and modern fighter jets. The majestic automobile is the world’s first electric hyper barchetta, which perfectly combines a retro design with innovative technology.

Why would the B95 appeal to you? Although this car is obviously not a race car, it respectfully honored them. Its sleek physique and streamlined lines, with the utmost grace, elegantly incorporate the characteristics of older ages along with new inventions. Driving this car will take you back immediately to the times of motorsports and the vintage racetrack’s style.

The Pininfarina B95 exterior design is based on racers while having a vintage style that revives the memory of past famous cars from previous times. The love of elements fills the aviation atmosphere as the B95 looks quite close to the historical airplanes. This consequently leads to a blend of classic heritage and futuristic technology, making one feel a sense of both longing for past glory and excitement for the future.

The car manages to portray both the classic designs and innovative technologies of racing cars that have left their mark on racing history. Together with the preparation of and further improvement of these state-of-the-art improvements throughout the century, the B95 provides a truly unparalleled driving experience.

Every detail on the B95 is a stereotype, either of the recent past or the retro-inspired cockpit or cabin of an aircraft. Nevertheless, this remembrance of history is harmoniously woven in with the consciousness and superior performance that B95 boasts. The electric-powered railroad furnishes you with an excellent eco-thrilling experience.

Obviously, Pininfarina has accurately put together the cooperation of the traditional and state-of-the-art in creating the B95—a vehicle that has both the past and the future joined together perfectly. Prepare yourself for a trip as vintage aesthetics are given modern-day manifestation. Buckle up tight. Get ready for an out-of-the-ordinary ride.

Exclusive and Unique Features

If you are an auto enthusiast, you will realize that the B95 model by Pininfarina is the original that has no companions. The idea lays in the uniqueness of the electric hyper barchetta vehicle. The custom features have been designed with the requirements of passionate collectors who are eager to have a thrilling ownership experience of this kind.

The B95 Automobili Pininfarina, featuring a Pininfarina signature superior top design and well-known Barchetta body shape, clearly becomes a distinctive car in appearance. The prominent swage line helps to establish the exterior of the building. Thereby, it creates an association between us and the fascinating environment. Such striking aerodynamic form, however, emphasizes both the beauty and craft of the B95.

Being so rare that, by owning a B95, you enter the select group of people who get the hypercar ownership concept and appreciate exclusivity. It is more like a chance that you could get along with people who value quality at the highest level.

As for the B95, it is quite notable in terms of how it reflects the PURA design philosophy. Our project is a perfect showcase for how Automobili Pininfarina and world-leading designers can come together to design both aesthetically and technologically advanced vehicles. The combination of form and function definitely makes for a driving experience that will not be forgotten.

Furthermore, the B95 stands out not only for its commitment to handcrafted mastery of each vehicle built to meet the specific requirements of each customer.

The artfulness involved in this car-mmaking ensures that it is a car that is customized to your desires and needs. The B95 vehicle not only recognizes luxury in the current world but also represents it as its core idea.

To conclude, the Pininfarina B95 is a luxury car that has a unique design, specific body production, and craftsmanship. Being the owner of the vehicle, you can experience the pleasure of riding a tricky, top-notch masterpiece.

Safety Matters

Safety is one of the priorities of the Pininfarina B95; hence, it is the world’s first electric hyper barchetta to be released to the world market. Keep in mind that as the person driving this car, you have reassurance that designers and engineers are in constant care of protecting you as you experience exhilaration from driving this vehicle.

Certainly a very significant safety feature are the aerodynamic screens. Insofar as B95 is a car, therefore, these screens satisfy passengers’s safety requirements against wind and concurrent debris. By giving you the flexibility to change your position, you can still have the best of both worlds—aerodynamics and comfort—which will definitely mean a well-secured riding experience for you.

Furthermore, B95 has aero screens that allow you to go through your experience with no interference. By pressing a button, you can tweak the screen setup in compliance with your taste; subsequently, it will improve car performance for a comfortable drive.

When in the driver’s seat of B95, find reassurance that your security, being the priority, is not compromised in any way. A suitable installation of such aero screens and other cool things lets you enjoy the thrill and enrichment of this electric car hyper barchetta without sacrificing your health. On one hand, you may embrace the adventure while enjoying your ride, and on the other hand, you may also relish the comfort and peace of mind.


In summary, the B95 by Pininfarina is a model that stands out among vehicles and draws lots of attention. This ‘electric hyper barchetta’ is also produced in very small quantities, thus proving powerfully the current interests in electromobility and the standard of performance they offer at the same time. The B95 engine is the fastest car performance powertrain, going from 0 to 60mph in less than 2 seconds with a maximum speed above 300 km/h.

Ecobot, designed and manufactured by Automobili Pininfarina, is a distinctive combination of traditional coach building art with cutting-edge technology. Convertible features also bring a thrill to this vehicle because the way you perceive the environment changes completely when the roof is down.

For this reason, the B95 is not the clearest illustration of how rapidly EVs are being developed. It highlights the beauty and excellence of the workmanship and engineering as well. By virtue of its production and dramatic cost, owning a B95 is utmost exclusive, whereas the architectural innovations showcased by this electric hyper barchetta might likely serve as a driving force for future developments of EVs that will evolve the way we drive in the decades to come.

With the development of electric vehicle technology as an area of major interest, Automobili Pininfarina has already established the capacity to offer ideal and sustainable driving that comes with style. They are the ones that have redefined the performance standard of developing electric cars.

Frequently Asked Questions

What’re the characteristics of the Pininfarina B95?

The Pininfarina B95 is listed as the smallest super car in the Barchetta with powertrains all over the world. The design is attractively and timelessly PURA, as well as evidence of the technical expertise gone into it. The vehicle displays a body shape and a glaze that create a 3-D vision and an interaction, giving passengers a sense of oneness with their surrounding environment. Plan on experiencing maximum thrills with an ultimate performance level from this car.

How does the B95s performance compare to hypercars?

The precise figures about the features of the B95 are still unknown, but as it is classified as a hypercar, one can guess that it will have sprint, handling, and overall performance when compared with those in the same category.

Which technologies are employed in the B95s powertrain?

The powertrain components that belong to B95 will remain secret at this moment. On the contrary, if we consider that it is a hypercar, then it is justifiable enough to assume that the best battery and electric motor systems will be utilized.

What range can we expect from the Pininfarina B95 on a charge?

Regarding the range, this car has not been disclosed yet due to its hypercar category, but the anticipated range ranks competitive with supercars. Providing more details about each function will help you have a deeper understanding of the technology’s capabilities.

How does the design of the B95 contribute to its performance?

B95 boasts the biggest appearance, swage line, and exquisite Barchetta body shape as a final outcome. Provision of these stylistic features does not only create an attractive-looking vehicle but also plays a critical role in augmenting aerodynamics and structural strength optimization. In the top design, there is a part that intones the driving moment and gets you in the atmosphere of speed and enchantment. The world’s fastest electric barchetta presents itself as the B95, the world’s electric hyper car.

When and where will the Pininfarina B95 be available for purchase?

To make the public aware of the prototype, the Automobili Pininfarina Company announced the B95 idea on August 17, 2023. Currently, for the time being, acquiring this model is unavailable online with regard to dates and location. Hang on for more news about it, which should be out soon. B95; Automobili Pininfarina presents the world’s first electric hyper barchetta that has fully embodied the Pininfarina heritage and acknowledges the artisanal craftsmanship as the best of Italian coachbuilding.

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