The World’s First Electric Hyper Barchetta: Pininfarina B95 Unveiled

The realm of vehicles has always been a hub of innovation and the newest addition, to the expanding collection of remarkable electric cars is none other than the Pininfarina B95! When delving into this automobile you’ll quickly realize that it represents the blend of design mastery and cutting edge technology. Automobili Pininfarina, an design company proudly presents their very first all electric hyper Barchetta—an exceptional showcase of their dedication to creating a sustainable future without compromising on exquisite design aesthetics.

As the worlds pioneering electric hyper Barchetta the B95 delivers performance that rivals its combustion engine counterparts. Powered by a 1,900 HP motor this extraordinary vehicle can achieve an astonishing 0-60 mph sprint in just two seconds while ensuring a luxurious and comfortable driving experience. The sleek exterior boasts a swage line that gives the car its appearance and confidently asserts itself as a bold presence on any road.

With 10 examples of this vehicle scheduled for production it is evident that the Pininfarina B95 will undoubtedly become an unparalleled milestone in automotive history. Its debut during Monterey Car Week marks an exhilarating chapter, for both Automobili Pininfarina and enthusiasts of vehicles alike since this electric hyper Barchetta captures both performance and sustainability at its core.

A New Era: The Pininfarina B95

Step into an era, with the awe inspiring Pininfarina B95, a hypercar that made its grand debut at the prestigious Monterey Car Week. Prepare to be captivated by this masterpiece as it goes beyond being another vehicle and becomes the worlds first electric hyper Barchetta.

Created by Automobili Pininfarina, the car manufacturer the B95 embodies automotive innovation at its finest. The striking metallic Bronzo Superga body catches your eye beautifully contrasting with the attention grabbing Giallo Arneis gloss section at the front and atop the drivers dome. Not to mention it features Black Gloss ’95’ lettering.

Delving deeper into its details you’ll discover that Rimac provided the powertrain for the B95 enabling it to reach a top speed of 186 MPH according to CAR Magazine UK. This outstanding performance combined with its design truly positions the B95 as a masterpiece.

While marveling at this creation it becomes clear that Automobili Pininfarina has achieved something a vehicle that represents a pinnacle of innovation in electric cars. With its introduction as the worlds electric hyper Barchetta we enter a new chapter in automotive history.

Design Language

When it comes to design language the Pininfarina B95 perfectly blends technology with craftsmanship a true testament, to its allure.The design of the car is inspired by the PURA design philosophy, which emphasizes the balance, between how it looks and how it functions. This approach allows the B95 to have an timeless design while being an electric hypercar.

The cars top bodywork gives a sense of freedom. Brings together a mix of futuristic and classic elements. Its sleek and powerful silhouette seamlessly integrates with the enveloping bodywork creating a presence on the road.

Every detail has been carefully considered in crafting the Pininfarina B95 including its forged aluminum wheels that not enhance performance but also add to its captivating appearance. These wheels perfectly complement the design. Play a crucial role in showcasing the cars impressive capabilities.

Following the principles of PURA design the B95 features flowing lines that run from front to back highlighting its efficiency and visual elegance. The T shaped battery is skillfully integrated into the cars structure serving both purposes and emphasizing its nature.

The cars swage line and contours are meticulously sculpted to create a connection between the wheel arches further accentuating its position, as a hypercar.The Pininfarina B95 sets a benchmark, for vehicles with its confident, knowledgeable, neutral and clear design language.

With its design and unwavering commitment to perfection the Pininfarina B95 seamlessly blends timeless aesthetics with groundbreaking technology. It proudly stands as the worlds electric hyper Barchetta symbolizing the future of mobility.

Innovation and Technology

The Pininfarina B95 is a vehicle in the industry making its mark as the first ever electric hyper Barchetta. This exceptional electric car combines cutting edge technology with captivating design to deliver a driving experience.

Beneath its captivating exterior lies a state of the art lithium ion battery, which serves as the beating heart of the B95. This advanced power source ensures sustainable performance allowing you to cruise confidently while being environmentally conscious.

Being an vehicle (EV) the B95 is compatible, with DC fast chargers. This feature ensures that charging your hyper Barchetta is both convenient and efficient enabling you to hit the road
The B95 provides a worry driving experience, with its electric nature eliminating any concerns about running out of range. As battery technology continues to improve the overall driving range keeps getting better.

This electric hyper Barchetta showcases a design that blends timeless styling elements with automotive advancements. The result is a vehicle that not looks stunning but also delivers performance. When you’re behind the wheel of the B95 you’ll not turn heads. Also feel good about your positive impact on the environment.

To summarize the Pininfarina B95 represents the future of technology by offering an exhilarating and conscious driving experience through its captivating electric hyper Barchetta design. Embrace this movement and embrace the power of pure electric performance.

Performance and Powertrain

The Pininfarina B95 stands as an electric hyper Barchetta car combining performance, with an all electric powertrain. It builds upon the success of its predecessor, the acclaimed Battista hyper GT delivering cutting edge technology and impressive speed capabilities.

Underneath its hood lies a powertrain inherited from the Battista. This means that it is equipped with an all system of delivering astounding performance.When you get behind the wheel of the B95 you’ll experience a driving sensation, with lightning acceleration. To provide control and stability on the road this vehicle incorporates technologies like torque vectoring creating a seamless connection between you and the car. Its sturdy design efficiently handles power resulting in an dynamic driving experience.

The B95 offers performance that truly showcases the power of electric mobility. It maintains consistently voltage and unmatched agility across terrains and driving conditions. This makes it appealing not to car enthusiasts but also to those who prioritize sustainability and environmental consciousness. With its blend of style, luxury and performance the B95 upholds Automobili Pininfarinas commitment to electric excellence.

In summary the Pininfarina B95 represents an achievement in technology showcasing the potential of all electric vehicles. Its exceptional performance, stunning design and state of the art powertrain set standards, for innovation and electric mobility.

Interior and Comfort

When entering the Pininfarina B95’s cabin space you’ll immediately appreciate its attention to detail in terms of comfort. The electric hyper Barchetta car has been designed to create an secure environment, for its occupants while also displaying its dedication to luxury.

Inside the B95 the cabin offers an comfortable driving experience. It boasts an interior adorned with high quality materials that will make you feel at ease and safe allowing you to fully relish the excitement of traveling in such a vehicle. The ergonomics of the cabin are meticulously engineered to ensure every aspect of your journey is pleasurable. From the drivers seating position to the arrangement of controls everything has been thoughtfully designed to enhance your experience.

A distinctive feature of the B95 is the inclusion of custom made helmets for both driver and passenger. These helmets are no headgear; they are specifically designed for the B95. Reflect the exquisite craftsmanship and attention to detail found throughout the rest of the car. These helmets prioritize safety while cruising at speeds without sacrificing style and luxury.

The integration of state of the art technology lies at the core of B95s captivating design. A combination of analog interfaces seamlessly provides information. The positioned displays ensure that all necessary data is easily accessible, for the driver.
Furthermore the advanced connectivity options allow you to seamlessly integrate your devices and effortlessly access a range of services.

In conclusion the Pininfarina B95 combines safety, elegance and state of the art technology to create an experience, in terms of interior features and comfort. When you sit inside this electric hyper Barchetta car you cannot. Admire the meticulous design and attention to detail that went into its creation as the worlds first of its kind.

A Source of Pure Inspiration

The Pininfarina B95 is a vehicle that draws inspiration from classic race cars and vintage fighter planes. As the worlds electric hyper Barchetta this magnificent automobile beautifully merges retro design with cutting edge technology.

Why should you be interested in the B95? Well for starters this visionary Barchetta pays homage to race cars. Its sleek physique and elegant lines seamlessly blend the gracefulness of eras with innovations. When driving this car you’ll instantly be transported back, to an era of motorsports and vintage racetrack aesthetics.

The exterior design of the Pininfarina B95 takes cues from racers while embracing a retro style that evokes nostalgia for iconic cars from previous decades.
The love, for elements expands into the realm of fighter planes as the elegant design of the B95 echoes that of historical aircraft. This results in a fusion of world charm and forward thinking innovation evoking feelings of both nostalgia and anticipation for what lies ahead.

Beneath its exterior the B95 not pays tribute to classic designs but also draws inspiration from revolutionary technologies found in iconic race cars. By incorporating and refining these cutting edge advancements for the century the B95 offers a driving experience that’s truly unrivaled.

Every aspect of the B95 serves as a reminder of eras whether its the retro inspired cockpit or the interior reminiscent of an aircrafts cabin. However amidst this nod to history the B95 never loses sight of its commitment to consciousness and high performance capabilities. With its state of the art electric power plant you can enjoy an eco exhilarating ride.

Clearly evident in every detail Pininfarina has masterfully blended tradition with innovation in creating the B95—a vehicle where past meets future seamlessly. Prepare yourself for a journey as vintage aesthetics find their modern day counterpart. Buckle up tight. Brace yourself for an adventure, on wheels.

Exclusive and Unique Features

If you’re an admirer of automobiles then you’ll appreciate the fact that the Pininfarina B95 is a one of a kind masterpiece. This electric hyper Barchetta car is, unlike anything in the world with crafted features designed exclusively for discerning collectors who seek an unparalleled ownership experience.

With its captivating top design and sleek Barchetta body shape the Automobili Pininfarina B95 offers a distinct aesthetic. The prominent swage line accentuates its exterior creating a connection between you and the breathtaking surroundings. This exceptional body style elevates the beauty and craftsmanship of the B95 to levels.

Considering its production run owning a B95 places you within a circle of hypercar enthusiasts who truly understand exclusivity. It’s an opportunity to join a group of individuals who appreciate excellence at its finest.

Another remarkable aspect of the B95 lies in its representation of the PURA design concept. Through collaboration, between Automobili Pininfarina and world leading designers this car embodies not aesthetics but also cutting edge technology. The integration of form and function ensures a driving experience that will leave a lasting impression.

Moreover what sets apart the B95 further is its construction – each vehicle is meticulously crafted to meet bespoke specifications.
The craftsmanship involved in creating this car adds a touch guaranteeing that you have a vehicle tailored to your preferences and needs. Having a car, like the B95 truly embodies the essence of luxury, in the world.

To sum up the Pininfarina B95 offers exclusive elements in terms of its design, production and craftsmanship. As an owner of this car you can enjoy the delight of driving a rare cutting edge masterpiece.

Safety Matters

Safety is of importance when it comes to the Pininfarina B95 the worlds electric hyper Barchetta car. As a driver of this vehicle rest assured that the designers and engineers have taken all measures to ensure your protection while delivering an exhilarating driving experience.

One notable safety feature is the aero screens. Since the B95 is a car these screens provide safeguard against wind and potential debris when driving at high speeds. By allowing you to customize their position you can strike the balance, between aerodynamics and comfort ensuring an secure ride.

In addition the B95 offers aero screens for even greater control over your driving experience. With a touch of a button you can personalize the screen settings according to your preference optimizing your cars performance for a smooth journey.

When behind the wheel of the B95 feel confident in knowing that your safety is paramount. The thoughtful integration of aero screens and other advanced features enables you to relish in the excitement and innovation of this electric hyper Barchetta car without compromising on your well being. Embrace both adventure and peace of mind as you enjoy an enjoyable ride, in the Pininfarina B95.
Market and Availability
The Pininfarina B95 is truly a vehicle marking the worlds ever electric hyper Barchetta car. In order to stay informed, about the happenings in the industry it’s crucial to grasp the market dynamics and accessibility of this groundbreaking vehicle.

Automobili Pininfarina, the company for creating the B95 introduced this stunning car during the Monterey Car Week event in August 2023. With its design and electric propulsion system there is no doubt that the B95 will have an impact on the market for ultra high performance vehicles. As it represents their coachbuilt car, automobile enthusiasts and collectors alike are expected to show interest.

At present specific information regarding market availability and pricing for the B95 remains limited. It’s important for individuals like yourself who are intrigued by this vehicle to keep abreast of any updates in order to be aware of when it will become purchasable. Given its nature as a coachbuilt car production may be limited making it a rare and highly coveted possession.

With both vehicles and high performance cars experiencing growth within their respective markets the introduction of the Pininfarina B95 signifies an incredibly exciting development, at their intersection.
Make sure you stay updated with announcements and updates regarding the market performance and availability of the B95. This will help you make decisions and gain an understanding of this groundbreaking automotive innovation.


In conclusion the Pininfarina B95 truly stands out in the world of vehicles as a marvel. Being the electric hyper Barchetta, this car produced in limited quantities demonstrates the remarkable capabilities of modern electric vehicle technology while delivering an extraordinary driving experience. With its performance powertrain the B95 can go from 0 to 60mph in, under 2 seconds and achieve a top speed exceeding 300km/h.

Crafted and manufactured by Automobili Pininfarina the B95 combines classic coachbuilding craftsmanship with state of the art EV technology. The convertible design adds a layer of excitement providing drivers with an immersive and adrenaline pumping experience.

Hence not does the B95 exemplify how rapidly electric vehicles are advancing. It also showcases beautiful design and exceptional engineering. Due to its production and high price tag owning a Pininfarina B95 is highly exclusive; however the technological innovations displayed in this electric hyper Barchetta are likely to inspire future development, in EVs that may shape your driving experiences in years to come.

Through their commitment, to advancing electric vehicle technology Automobili Pininfarina has demonstrated the ability to create a elegant and environmentally friendly driving experience. They have set a benchmark for the evolving electric car market.

Frequently Asked Questions

What’re the characteristics of the Pininfarina B95?

The Pininfarina B95 stands as the worlds hyper Barchetta with a powertrain. Its design is a captivating blend of timeless PURA aesthetics and technical expertise. The car possesses a presence and a top body style that connects passengers with their surroundings. Expect this vehicle to provide an exhilarating driving experience along with top tier performance.

How does the B95s performance compare to hypercars?

While precise performance specifications for the B95 have not yet been disclosed, given its classification as a hypercar one can anticipate acceleration, handling and overall performance when compared to vehicles, in its category.

Which technologies are employed in the B95s powertrain?

Specific details regarding the technologies implemented within the B95s powertrain have not been revealed. However considering it is a hypercar it is reasonable to assume that state of the art battery and electric motor systems will be utilized.

What range can we expect from the Pininfarina B95 on a charge?

While the exact range hasn’t been disclosed yet considering its classification, as a hypercar you can anticipate a range that is in line with other similar vehicles in the market. As more details become available you will gain an understanding of its capabilities.

How does the design of the B95 contribute to its performance?

The B95 boasts an appearance, a swage line and an exquisite Barchetta body shape. These design elements not create an appealing vehicle but also play a crucial role in enhancing performance through improved aerodynamics and structural integrity. The top design offers a connection to the driving experience adding to the sensation of speed and control. Introducing the worlds electric hyper Barchetta – the B95.

When and where will the Pininfarina B95 be available for purchase?

Automobili Pininfarina unveiled the B95 during Monterey Car Week on August 17 2023. Information regarding release dates and locations, for purchasing this model is currently unavailable. Stay tuned for announcements regarding its availability. B95; Automobili Pininfarina has unveiled the worlds electric hyper Barchetta marking a milestone as their first coachbuilt automobile.

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