Netflix November 2023 Calendar: Upcoming Releases and Highlights

Looking ahead to the months of 2023 many Netflix subscribers are eagerly anticipating the lineup of shows and movies set to hit their screens in November. With a mix of content and beloved titles entertainment enthusiasts can expect a month ahead. This calendar serves as your guide, to the releases ensuring you don’t miss out on any thrilling additions to Netflix’s collection.

November 2023 will bring a variety of TV series, including the anticipated debut of “Mysteries of the Faith” on November 1 and the exciting kick off of “Onimusha” on November 2. Book lovers will also be delighted with the arrival of “All the Light We Cannot See ” a captivating show based on the novel that will also premiere on November 2. That’s not all! The platform will offer a range of films, documentaries and series catering to tastes throughout the month.

Get ready, for a captivating journey filled with comedies, dramas and thought provoking documentaries featuring storylines and complex characters. With such an abundance of content available, to us it’s crucial to stay up to date on the additions and upcoming departures in Netflix’s evolving lineup. Take note of whats happening in November 2023. Prepare yourself for some captivating entertainment.

Netflix Originals in November 2023


Leo is a mesmerizing drama series that follows the journey of a man blessed with powers. As he navigates the complexities that come with his abilities he must also confront his past. Grapple with how it shapes his future. With its plot and compelling characters Leo is a must watch this November.

The Killer

Get ready for David Finchers thriller, The Killer arriving on Netflix in November 2023. This gripping story delves into the life of an assassin who begins to question his compass as he carries out missions. As the boundaries between good and evil become blurred viewers are left pondering the essence of morality. Don’t let this heart pounding Netflix Original slip through your fingers.


Rustin is a stimulating true crime series that unravels the mysteries surrounding a notorious unsolved murder case. With attention, to detail and insightful analysis of the evidence Rustin endeavors to shed light on the truth behind this haunting tragedy.
Don’t forget to add these captivating documentaries to your watchlist in November 2023!


Immerse yourself in the world of Nyad, a Netflix Original that shares the journey of an exceptional long distance swimmer. Overcoming challenges Nyad takes on the demanding open water swims proving that it’s never too late to chase your dreams. This inspiring film is set to captivate audiences in November 2023.

Best. Christmas. Ever!

Get into the spirit with the heartwarming Netflix Original, Best. Christmas. Ever! This delightful comedy follows a group of friends as they navigate through the ups and downs of the holiday season ultimately discovering the essence of Christmas. With laughter, love and a sprinkle of holiday magic this feel movie is perfect, for nights during November 2023.

Family Swap

Prepare yourself for an adventure, with Family Swap, a Netflix Original that explores what happens when two completely different families switch lives for a week. As they adapt to their surroundings they come to appreciate the importance of family and embrace diversity in all its beauty. Don’t miss out on this comedy releasing in November 2023!


Wingwomen is a heartwarming comedy series that follows a knit group of single friends as they navigate the ups and downs of love. With moments of laughter, tears and plenty of dating mishaps these supportive wingwomen come to understand the value of their friendship and the shared journey they’re, on. Make sure not to miss this touching Netflix Original arriving in November 2023.

New Movies in November 2023

At the Moment

Coming up in November 2023 Netflix has a lineup of movies for you to enjoy. One film that stands out is “At the Moment.” This captivating movie delves into the lives of individuals whose paths unexpectedly intersect resulting in gripping tales filled with emotions and surprising twists. So clear your schedule grab a spot on your couch. Immerse yourself in this extraordinary cinematic experience. Stay tuned for updates as information about “At the Moment” becomes available.

Scott Pilgrim Takes Off

Get ready for an exhilarating ride with “Scott Pilgrim Takes Off ” an awaited sequel to the cult classic “Scott Pilgrim vs. The World.” This fresh installment brings a perspective, to our protagonists story. Get ready, for a blend of scenes clever humor and an updated soundtrack that will have you humming the tunes non stop.

As you prepare for November 2023 keep in mind that Netflix always keeps its content fresh by adding releases and exciting titles. This ensures there’s always something for everyone. Take pleasure in watching “At the Moment”. Scott Pilgrim Takes Off” while maximizing your Netflix subscription.

Returns and Fresh Seasons

Squid Game: The Challenge

Prepare yourself for a captivating twist on the Netflix series Squid Game. In November 2023 get ready to experience “Squid Game: The Challenge,” offering trials and more intense competition. This time challengers from over the globe will face off in these games pushing their limits beyond imagination. Don’t miss out on this chapter in the Squid Game saga.

Cobra Kai

Devotees of “Cobra Kai” will be thrilled to learn that the series makes its comeback, to Netflix in November 2023. This martial arts drama, which continues the legacy of the Karate Kid” movies guarantees more heated rivalries and action packed sequences. Get ready, for developments as the students from Miyagi Do and Cobra Kai dojos clash in the season. Brace yourself for alliances, unexpected friendships and shocking betrayals.

The Crown

“The Crown” returns to Netflix in November 2023 inviting you back into the captivating world of royalty. This acclaimed drama series continues to delve into Queen Elizabeth IIs life and the events that shaped her reign. Immerse yourself in the splendor and intrigue of the court as history unfolds before your eyes revealing truths behind pivotal moments in British history.

Virgin River Season 5

In November 2023 prepare to be moved by “Virgin River” a heartwarming drama that follows nurse practitioner Mel Monroes journey through love, friendship and loss in the close knit community of Virgin River. As new relationships blossom and old ones face challenges you’ll find yourself caught up in a rollercoaster of emotions that defines this series.

Selling Sunset

If you have a passion for luxury estate and enjoy peeking behind the scenes drama make sure to mark your calendar for the return of “Selling Sunset” on Netflix, in November 2023. The reality TV show provides a glimpse into the realm of Los Angeles real estate, where we follow the lives and professional endeavors of top tier agents, at the Oppenheim Group. Brace yourself for homes intense negotiations and an abundance of drama in the season.

Comedy Specials and Series

Bill Burrs Hilarious Special

Get ready to laugh your heart out with a comedy by the incredibly funny Bill Burr arriving on Netflix in November 2023. Burr, renowned for his humor and sharp wit will have you in stitches. This special was recorded during one of his stand up performances. Showcases his latest comedic take on current events, society and a variety of topics that only Burr can brilliantly analyze. Don’t miss this evening with one of comedys talents.

Adam Sandler’s New Comedy

This November 2023 Adam Sandler makes a comeback, on Netflix with a comedy. If you enjoyed his family oriented hit “You Are So Not Invited to My Bat Mitzvah!” you’ll delight in Sandlers venture into animation as he lends his voice to an animated iguana named Leo.Get ready to tap your feet and burst into laughter, with this comedy. Sandler and his vibrant ensemble of characters will take you on a journey filled with joy and catchy tunes. Make sure to add this comedy to your Netflix watchlist for a new experience of Sandlers exceptional talent.

Ted 2

Brace yourself for another adventure that will leave you in stitches! Ted, the irreverent teddy bear is back in Ted 2 coming to theaters this November 2023. Your beloved fuzzy companion returns in this side splitting sequel to the 2012 comedy sensation. Follow Ted and his best friend, portrayed by Mark Wahlberg as they embark on a quest for love, life and unexpected twists. Will Ted achieve his goal. Will humorous antics and human complexities stand in his way? Tune in, to Netflix this November to discover the outcome and join Ted in cheering “You’re the bear best!”

Documentaries and Biopics

Stamped from the Beginning

This November 2023 Netflix will unveil “Stamped from the Beginning ” a thought provoking documentary based on Ibram X. Kendis book. Delving into Americas history of ideas this film offers a captivating analysis of how these notions have shaped our society. Prepare yourself for a journey, into the origins and evolution of racism as seen through the perspectives of scholars and historians. Gain insights into the battle against prejudice and injustice.

Diana Nyad

Get ready to be captivated by the tale of Diana Nyad, a long distance swimmer who defied all odds and made history at the age of 64. Witness her awe inspiring journey as she became the person to conquer the waters between Cuba and Florida without any protective shark cage. This documentary, featured in Netflix’s November 2023 lineup showcases Nyads determination, resilience and unwavering pursuit of her dreams despite facing challenges. Brace yourself for an exploration of perseverance that will leave you in awe of this remarkable athlete.

Bayard Rustin

In November 2023 Netflix will present a story about Bayard Rustin – a figure in both civil rights activism and LGBTQ+ advocacy. Discover his contributions behind the scenes during the civil rights movement through this compelling documentary. Learn about Rustins role in organizing the 1963 March on Washington while shedding light on his courage and dedication to equality and justice. This film not celebrates Rustins bravery. Also provides a nuanced understanding of interconnected social movements, throughout history.

As you explore the Netflix calendar for November 2023 make sure to take note of these thought provoking documentaries and biopics that are set to inspire and enlighten. Immerse yourself in the history of racism, with “Stamped from the Beginning ” celebrate the unwavering spirit of Diana Nyad. Pay tribute to the enduring legacy of Bayard Rustin as they unfold on your screen this upcoming November.

Drama Series

Unicorn Academy

For those who enjoy stories intertwined with elements of magic and friendship be sure to add “Unicorn Academy” to your watchlist. This captivating new series takes viewers on an adventure following students as they uncover the wonders and secrets of their mystical unicorn companions.

Blue Eye Samurai

Prepare for an exhilarating journey with “Blue Eye Samurai,” an enthralling Netflix premiering in November 2023. This animated action drama series delves into the story of a samurai warrior who seeks revenge, against figures for his familys tragedy. With swordplay storytelling and stunning visuals “Blue Eye Samurai” is an absolute must watch for fans of thrilling dramas. Don’t let this exciting adventure slip through your fingers.

A Nearly Normal Family

Get ready, for a gripping family drama coming to Netflix in November 2023 called “A Nearly Normal Family.” This adaptation tells the story of a family whose world is turned down when their teenage daughter is accused of a serious crime. As the truth unfolds you’ll be drawn into a web of secrets and betrayal. This thought provoking series will keep you on the edge of your seat as it explores the dynamics of family and presents challenging dilemmas. Don’t forget to add it to your Netflix queue.


Don’t miss out on “Obliterated ” also premiering on Netflix in November 2023. This action packed drama follows a teams mission to save humanity from impending destruction facing seemingly impossible odds. Brace yourself for fueled viewing with action sequences and immersive storytelling that will leave you breathless. When “Obliterated” arrives on Netflix be prepared for an adventure like no other.

In summary Netflix’s lineup, for November 2023 offers a range of captivating dramas to suit every taste and preference. There’s a range of captivating content to explore this month including the enchanting realm of “Unicorn Academy ” the thrilling adventures of “Blue Eye Samurai,” the captivating storylines of “A Nearly Normal Family “. The exhilarating rush of “Obliterated.” Make sure to note down these dates on your calendar as you get ready, for a month filled with binge entertainment.

Children and Family

Cocomelon Lane

Get ready to embark on adventures, with Cocomelon Lane, a brand Netflix Original series set to premiere in November 2023. This animated show is specially created for audiences. Brings the popular Cocomelon brand to life. With songs, lovable characters and captivating storylines the whole family can enjoy learning life lessons together.

The Dads

The Dads is another Netflix Original aimed at families, launching in November 2023. This live action drama revolves around a group of fathers navigating the challenges and joys of parenthood in todays world. While it explores themes The Dads also offers plenty of humor and inspiring moments that will resonate with everyone in the family. You’ll find yourself connecting with the characters and appreciating the importance of love, empathy and understanding in parenting.


Prepare for a journey into a world where fantasy meets history! Onimusha is a Netflix Original set to hit your screens in November 2023. This thrilling animation draws inspiration from the video game series and promises excitement, for both parents and older children alike. It’s the tale of a samurai warrior battling against forces in a quest to restore serenity and harmony in a war torn land. With its visuals and captivating storyline Onimusha is sure to keep you and your loved ones enthralled.

Foreign Language Content

Nuovo Olimpo

Coming this November 2023 Netflix will be releasing an enthralling series called Nuovo Olimpo. Set in modern day Rome the plot revolves around an agent infiltrating a criminal organization. Prepare to be, on the edge of your seat as you uncover the underbelly of this city.

The series is produced in Italy featuring acclaimed actors and filmed at picturesque locations, throughout the country. Immerse yourself in the world of Nuovo Olimpo for an opportunity to explore language and culture. Be sure to add this crime thriller series to your November 2023 streaming list.

Akuma Kun

Another addition coming to Netflix in November 2023 is the thriller series Akuma Kun originating from Indonesia. The story follows a boy who stumbles upon a supernatural realm infested with demons. Embarking on an adventure he must form alliances. Uncover enigmatic secrets to rescue his loved ones from unseen threats.

Akuma Kun beautifully showcases the culture and captivating mythology of Indonesia through visuals and an engrossing storyline. As you immerse yourself in this thrilling journey you’ll have the opportunity to appreciate the intricacies of the language and get a glimpse, into the countrys folklore.

Make sure to include both Nuovo Olimpo and Akuma Kun in your Netflix binge watching schedule for November 2023. These foreign language series offer a departure, from the content and provide an excellent way to broaden your cultural horizons while enjoying top quality entertainment.

Limited Series

All The Light We Cannot See

Coming to Netflix in November 2023 is the anticipated series “All The Light We Cannot See ” based on Anthony Doerrs Pulitzer Prize winning novel. Set during World War II it takes you on a journey through the lives of a French girl and a German boy whose paths intertwine against all odds.

This compelling story skillfully weaves together narratives and timelines revealing their tale of survival, resilience and the extraordinary power of love amidst adversity. Don’t miss out on this captivating series coming to Netflix in November.

Ferry: The Series

“Ferry: The Series” is an expansion of the action film “Ferry,” delving deeper into the journey of the enigmatic and skilled enforcer Ferry. Brace yourself, for a world of crime, betrayal and vengeance as you get caught up in this action packed series filled with high octane sequences, nail biting suspense and an engaging plot. Mark your calendars for November. Make sure you catch “Ferry: The Series” on Netflix.

Anime and Animation


Netflix is also adding highly anticipated anime and animation titles to its lineup in November 2023. One of these additions is “Sly” a Netflix anime series that promises an clear tone along with top notch animation and captivating storytelling. Get ready for a standout experience in the anime genre as “Sly” combines visuals, with a narrative.

If you’re a fan of anime you’ll definitely want to consider adding this series to your Netflix watchlist. Just keep in mind that the details, about the plot and characters haven’t been revealed yet. That anticipation only enhances the experience.

September 2023

While November 2023 brings some arrivals on Netflix lets take a moment to reflect on September 2023 which introduced several noteworthy anime titles. These additions highlight Netflix’s dedication to offering a range of options for anime and animation enthusiasts

Some standout anime series that premiered in September 2023 include:

  • Onimusha (Season 1): This action packed adventure series is based on Capcoms game franchise combining thrilling samurai action with elements.
  • Scott Pilgrim: An awaited anime adaptation of the graphic novel series featuring the original cast members returning and adding an exciting twist to an already cherished story.

While November 2023 has its lineup of new releases it’s important not to overlook the titles that were added in September 2023. They truly enhance your journey, on Netflix. So as you eagerly await these releases make sure not to miss out on these animated series from earlier this year.

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