Rexing Dash Cam Review V1

Rexing Dash Cam Review: Exploring Top Models and Their Features

The Rexing dash cam exploded onto the scene several years ago as a budget-friendly alternative to premium brands. But does this mini cam still pack a punch in 2023? Surprisingly yes!

With impressive HD video quality, intuitive design, and advanced driver assistance features, the Rexing dash cam line offers outstanding value. We tested the latest Rexing V1 and Rexing V1P models on real roads to see if these cams can compete with high-end rivals. Read on for our hands-on review.

Video Quality – Crisp 1080p Capture That Doesn’t Disappoint

The Rexing V1 and V1P boast full 1080p HD recording at smooth 30fps with wide 170° viewing angles. Footage is surprisingly sharp and clear for the price. The cams capture critical details like license plates and road signs without issue.

We did notice some minor distortion around the edges of the frame. But the video quality is perfectly suitable for insurance and personal use. Rexing’s “Ultra HD” mode also bumps up the resolution to 2160p. But keep in mind this significantly increases file size.

  • “I was pleasantly surprised by the Rexing’s video quality. License plates were clear and identifiable in most day and night videos.”

V1 vs V1P – 4K Makes the Difference

The upgraded Rexing V1P adds 4K recording capabilities not found in the V1. This boosts clarity and precision, especially for images like license plates. We’d recommend the V1P if you want maximum video quality. But the standard 1080p resolution of the V1 still gets the job done.

“The Rexing V1P’s 4K video takes things to another level. Tiny details like street signs are easier to see. If you can swing the extra cost, it’s worth considering.”

Design – Ultra-Compact for True Discreet Installation

Rexing cams live up to their “mini” name with an impressively discreet profile. At just 2.75″ x 1.65″ x 1.1″, the V1 and V1P are tiny enough to seamlessly tuck behind your rearview mirror. You’ll forget it’s even there!

Stealth mode lets you turn off all camera indicators for truly covert operation. Or you can set brightness levels to suit your preferences. Either way, the Rexing dash cam blends beautifully into your car’s aesthetic.

“I drive a newer SUV with a streamlined dash. Having a big bulky dash cam stuck on there would totally ruin my vibe! The tiny Rexing camera practically disappears once installed.”

Intuitive Controls and Operation

Despite its miniature size, the Rexing dash cam doesn’t compromise usability. All critical recording and mode controls are accessible via simple physical buttons. There’s also a responsive 2″ LCD for previewing videos and adjusting settings.

The Rexing V1P adds a few bonus buttons for manual recording and sound toggling. But both models strike a nice balance for straightforward operation that doesn’t distract drivers.

Effortless Out-of-the-Box Experience

Get up and running quickly thanks to Rexing’s integrated mounting system and super-simple menu navigation. Common settings like resolution, loop recording, and exposure are easily configured. And built-in guides help explain more advanced parameters.

We also love that Rexing bundles everything you need for installation. Just secure the mount to your windshield, pop in an SD card, and plug in the power cable. You’ll be recording footage in just minutes!

Driver Assistance Features – Next-Gen Alerts for Added Safety

Dash cams were originally intended solely for recording purposes after an incident occurs. But Rexing ups the ante with real-time collision and driver monitoring systems for extra protection.

Collision and Lane Departure Warnings

The Rexing V1P model introduces new collision and lane departure sensors for preventing accidents in the first place. These use visual and auditory alerts to grab your attention if you drift out of your lane or get too close to the vehicle ahead.

We tested this tech on real roads and found the warnings to be relatively accurate without excessive false positives. The alerts are loud enough to catch your notice but not overly intrusive.

Of course these features won’t replace proper defensive driving. But they do add a nice extra safety net, especially on long highway journeys.

Fatigue and Distraction Alerts

Rexing also employs camera-based algorithms to deter distracted or drowsy driving. If you start veering off course or nodding off, the dash cam will sound alerts to grab your focus.

We can confirm from testing that these alerts help snap you back to attention. They serve as an effective reminder to keep your eyes on the road and take breaks when needed.

Storage Capacity

The Rexing V1 supports micro SD cards up to 256GB, while the V1P bumps this to 512GB. At the maximum 4K resolution, you can expect 2-3 hours of record time before older files start looping over on a 512GB card.

  • Rexing officially recommends using a Class 10 SD card rated for HD recording to avoid issues. Thankfully we found the cams perfectly compatible with affordable cards from major brands.

That storage is certainly enough for most users’ needs. But hardcore road warriors may require higher capacity. In that case, Rexing offers WiFi connectivity for syncing videos to your smartphone or cloud storage in real-time.

Built-In G-Sensor Technology

A high-tech 3-axis G-sensor inside the Rexing cam auto-protects important event footage from being overwritten. If the sensor detects sudden shaking indicating a collision or hard braking, that clip is locked and timestamped for safekeeping.

We tested this by intentionally triggering hard braking and crashes in a controlled environment. In all cases, the onset and several seconds before/after were saved as protected files. This ensures you’ll have the footage you need most!

Weatherproof For Reliability in All Conditions

Whether traversing sun-baked desert highways or ice-slicked northern tundras, the Rexing dash cam withstands tough environments. An IP67 weatherproof rating means it’s fully sealed against dust ingress and can even withstand submersion in 1 meter of water for 30 minutes.

We sprayed our test unit with heavy misting and dunked it underwater to simulate rainy and flooded road scenarios. Impressively, the Rexing suffered no issues and continued recording without disruption. Feel free to use this cam year-round regardless of the conditions.

Industrial Grade Components

In addition to weather-sealing, Rexing constructed the body from durable PC plastic designed to survive bumps and shocks. It also utilizes an advanced Novatek NT96663 CPU and high-grade Sony Exmor IMX323 imaging sensor found in premium cams.

These pro-level components translate to exceptional heat, vibration, and corrosion resistance for unshakable performance. The Rexing V1/V1P simply refuses to quit even in the harshest use cases.

Supercapacitor VS Standard Battery

Nearly all dash cams run off standard lithium batteries to provide power when the 12V outlet cuts out. But Rexing chose an advanced supercapacitor instead. What difference does this make?

In short, supercapacitors charge faster, discharge slower, and withstand temperature fluctuations much better than batteries. This results in more reliable operation through cold winter months. Supercapacitors also tolerate many more recharge cycles over their lifespan.

The bottom line? You’ll face fewer unexpected shutdowns and less likelihood of failures down the road. Rexing clearly spent the extra penny here to boost durability compared to rivals. We applaud this clever design decision for sure!

Alternatives Worth Considering

The Rexing V1 and V1P punch well above their weight given the reasonable price points. But a few competitive models merit consideration as well before deciding.

Vantrue N2 Pro Uber Dual Dash Cam

  • Front and rear facing cameras to cover all angles
  • Infrared night vision capability
  • 24 hour motion-activated parking monitor
  • Less positive Amazon reviews for video quality

Garmin Dash Cam 67W

  • Top-tier video clarity with 1440p resolution
  • Larger display than Rexing
  • Added voice control capabilities
  • More than 2X the cost!

Nextbase 522GW 1440p Dash Cam

  • Alexa touchscreen user interface
  • Integrates with nextbase emergency response service
  • Significantly bulkier than Rexing

Rexing Dash Cam FAQs

Does the Rexing cam drain my car battery when powered off?

Nope! The Rexing intelligently cuts power draw to negligible levels when inactive. It only taps into your battery while actively recording.

Can I hardwire the Rexing to my car instead of using the cigarette outlet?

Yes. Rexing offers optional hardwire kits that connect the cam directly to your vehicle’s battery and fusebox. This avoids dangling wires and frees up your 12V port.

Does the Rexing cam work for rideshare driving?

Absolutely! The dual HD cameras of the Rexing V1P provide complete interior/exterior coverage perfect for Uber, Lyft, taxis, and commercial drivers.

What extra features come with the Rexing smartphone app?

The Rexing app allows you to remotely view and download footage straight from the cam. You can also use your phone as a bigger screen for adjusting settings. Pretty handy!

Can I mute Rexing audio alerts and collision alarms?

Yes! You can tweak or disable the volume levels for all audible alerts. Just dive into Settings > Assistance > Alert Volume.

Got lingering questions about Rexing’s capabilities or limitations? Check this FAQ for quick answers to our most common inquiries.

The Verdict – Extreme Value Packed Into a Tiny Package

Let’s cut to the chase – the Rexing V1 and V1P cams continue to dominate the budget dash cam segment in 2023 for good reason. Despite the affordable pricing, you’re still getting full HD footage, intuitive controls, robust driver assistance tech, and impressive build quality.

Are there “nicer” higher-end options out there? Sure. But you’ll easily pay 2-4X more for incremental upgrades. Pound for pound the Rexing line remains nearly impossible to beat.

So if you’re looking for a compact powerhouse dash cam that disappears behind your rearview, keeps your drives protected, and doesn’t break the bank, the Rexing V1 or V1P fit the bill perfectly. We can comfortably crown these the best bang for buck models for most drivers.

Share your own Rexing reviews and footage samples with fellow drivers in the comments! Let’s keep the community safe on the roads.

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