SVBONY SV550 APO Telescope Review: Top Choice for Astrophotography?

Are you, in search of a top notch telescope that can enhance your astrophotography experience? Well your search ends here! We recently had the opportunity to test out the SVBONY SV550 APO Telescope along with the SV209 Field Flattener. We were truly blown away by its performance.

This bundle includes a 122mm F7 Triplet Apochromatic Refractor with an aperture. It allows for capturing detailed images by gathering light. Whether you’re into deep sky photography or observation this telescope is perfect for both. The FPL 51 triplet apochromatic lens structure significantly reduces aberration and enhances clarity and sharpness.

What sets this telescope apart is its compatibility with the designed SV209 0.8X Focal Reducer Field Flattener for prime focus astrophotography. It effectively corrects any field curvature defects improving the imaging quality and shooting efficiency at the edges of the field of view.

With a weight of 6.44kg (14.18lb) this telescope is easy to carry around making it an ideal companion for stargazing enthusiasts on their travels.

SVBONY SV550 APO Telescope: A Brief Overview

If you’re looking for a compact and easy to carry telescope, for astrophotography and observation the SV550 APO refractor is definitely worth considering. With its 122mm aperture f/7 ratio and 854mm focal length it provides detailed images that are perfect for capturing deep sky photography and observing fainter deep sky objects.

What makes this telescope stand out is its FPL 51 triplet lens structure, which includes a piece of ED glass. This special lens greatly reduces aberration resulting in enhanced clarity and sharpness. When combined with the SV209 0.8X focal reducer field flattener the SVBONY SV550 becomes a choice specifically designed for focus astrophotography a true delight for astronomy enthusiasts.

The SV209 field flattener also corrects any field curvature issues further improving imaging quality and shooting efficiency at the edge of your field of view. However it’s worth noting that this telescopes overall rating of 5.0, out of 5 stars is based on one review. Nevertheless the portable yet performing nature of the SV550 APO telescope ensures that you can effortlessly capture awe inspiring astrophotographs no matter where your exploration takes you.

Compact Size: A Traveller’s Telescope

If you love traveling you’ll be thrilled to learn about the SVBONY SV550 APO Telescope. It’s perfect, for capturing breathtaking astrophotography and observing the night sky on the go. The telescopes compact size and manageable weight of 6.44kg (14.18lb) make it incredibly portable and easy to carry in its case.

Featuring a 122mm aperture f/7 focal. 854mm focal length, the SV550 APO refractor excels at producing detailed images of celestial objects. Its special FPL 51 triplet lens design, which includes an ED glass element effectively reduces aberration and greatly enhances image sharpness.

For those in focus astrophotography this travel friendly telescope is compatible with the SV209 0.8X focal reducer field flattener. This accessory corrects any curvature issues in your subjects improving image quality and ensuring sharpness across the field of view.

Rest assured that the SVBONY SV550 APO has received praise for its top notch quality and performance from users like yourself. It’s a choice, for embarking on your astrophotography adventures.

Powerful 122mm Aperture: A Key to Detailed Images

Unleash your potential to capture images with the powerful 122mm aperture of the SV550 APO Telescope. This incredible feature allows you to observe the night sky with precision revealing views of stars, galaxies and other celestial objects.

While the coated lenses can sometimes cause an issue, with glare particularly when capturing brighter subjects once you get the hang of it the images you capture will be absolutely worth it.

When paired with the SV209 Field Flattener the SV550 provides a experience as it corrects field curvature and expands your viewing field. This combination makes astrophotography an enjoyable pursuit.

Additionally the reflex finderscope ensures that locating your desired objects for observation is effortless. So don’t hesitate to embrace the 122mm aperture of the SVBONY SV550 APO Telescope – it’s your key to unlocking the beauty of our cosmos.

FPL-51 Triplet Apochromatic Lens: A Solution for Aberration

For those passionate about astrophotography using the FPL 51 Triplet lens in the SVBONY SV550 APO Telescope can greatly enhance your observing and photography experience. This lens incorporates a piece of ED glass that effectively corrects aberrations and minimizes chromatic distortion. The improved clarity and sharpness make it an excellent choice, for capturing deep sky images and observing targets.

The SV550 APO Telescope offers not a 122mm aperture, for improved light collection but also comes with the SV209 0.8X focal reducer field flattener. This combination guarantees correction of any field curvature issues resulting in image quality especially at the edges of your field of view. Prepare yourself to capture astrophotography and immerse yourself in an more vibrant universe with the SV550 APO Telescope!

SV209 0.8X Focal Reducer Field Flattener: A Tool for Astrophotography

The SV209 0.8X Focal Reducer Field Flattener is a tool for astrophotographers using the SVBONY SV550 APO Telescope. By correcting field curvature this convenient accessory significantly enhances your imaging experience. With its help you can achieve more detailed photos at the outer areas of your frame.

Specifically designed for use with the SV550 122mm f/7 APO refractor the SV209 Field Flattener ensures compatibility and optimal performance. It reduces your telescopes length while providing a field of view allowing you to capture breathtaking celestial images.

However it’s important to note that the SV209 Field Flattener is most suitable, for focus astrophotography. Before delving into deep sky photography make sure it aligns with your shooting preferences and style.

In general the SV209 Field Flattener greatly enhances the quality and efficiency of imaging for astronomy enthusiasts who use the SV550 APO refractor. It is an addition, to your astrophotography toolkit.



When it comes to the SVBONY SV550 APO Telescope bundle you will appreciate its design and lightweight of 14.18lb making it a portable option for astrophotography and observation. Its 122mm aperture allows for gathering resulting in clear and detailed images that are perfect for deep sky photography with a higher limiting magnitude.

The APO refractors FPL 51 triplet apochromatic lens structure significantly reduces aberration enhancing clarity and sharpness in your astrophotography. Additionally the included SV209 0.8X focal reducer field flattener is specifically designed for focus astrophotography, which’s an excellent feature for astronomy enthusiasts.


Possible drawback of the SV550 APO telescope is its price. Given its setup it comes with a price tag than other options available. While the SVBONY SV550 APO Telescope bundle is a choice, for astrophotography enthusiasts due to its range of features and performance it may not be the most budget friendly option for beginners or those with financial constraints.

Additionally the bundled package includes an SV209 field flattener, which may not be necessary in every situation. If you’re solely interested in observation than astrophotography this extra component might add unnecessary complexity to your setup.

To summarize the SVBONY SV550 APO Telescope bundle offers quality and portable astrophotography capabilities with chromatic aberration. However it’s important to consider that it might not be the choice for beginners or individuals on a budget. Furthermore not all users may require the included field flattener. It’s crucial to evaluate your priorities and needs before making a decision.

User Perspective

Having personally used the SV550 APO Telescope bundle myself I can confidently say that it is an investment. Its large 122mm aperture provides clarity for capturing images in astrophotography. The included SV209 Field Flattener and 0.8X Focal Reducer effectively correct any field curvature issues allowing for field captures and excellent image quality.

Although there are a number of reviews available at present the telescope has consistently received high praise from customers who have used it. Users express satisfaction, with its performance and overall quality. The SVBONY offering has a user setup process and a high quality build making it suitable, for both beginners and experienced astronomers.

However it’s important to note that newcomers might find the size of this telescope overwhelming.. Once you become familiar with its features and functions you’ll realize its ability to capture astrophotographs.

Overall the SV550 APO Telescope along with its bundle components delivers performance that’s definitely worth considering for your next stargazing adventure.

In conclusion

When using the SVBONY SV550 APO Telescope bundle you’ll have an astrophotography experience thanks to its 122mm F7 Triplet Apochromatic Refractor and the included SV209 Field Flattener. Designed as an ApoChromat this telescope ensures sharp images with chromatic aberrations.

To enhance your field of view and simplify capturing celestial body images there is a 0.8x Focal Reducer included. However do keep in mind that this telescope is quite large and heavy.

Users highly praise this SVBONY telescope for being reliable and producing results when photographing the night sky. Considering the inclusion of a Field Flattener and Focal Reducer in the bundle you can expect value, for your investment.

To sum up if you’re looking to improve your astrophotography the SVBONY SV550 APO Telescope bundle is an option that delivers results. So don’t hesitate to delve into the marvels of the universe, with enhanced clarity and precision like never before!

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