Rexing V1-4K Review

V1-4K rexing dash cam review: The best selling 4K dash camera

If you’re a driver you probably understand the significance of having a dependable and high quality dash cam, in your car. The Rexing V1-4K is a front facing 4K dash cam that aims to meet your video quality and performance requirements. This advanced and feature packed device ensures that every detail of your drive is captured clearly and accurately with its video resolution.

The Rexing V1-4K has built in Wi-Fi enabling easy video transfers to your smartphone. It also boasts a wide 170 degree viewing angle ensuring extensive coverage of the road ahead. With its exceptional night vision capabilities and an aperture that adjusts automatically in low light situations this dash cam guarantees crystal precision when dealing with fast moving objects or challenging driving conditions.

For added protection and security the V1-4K Rexing dash cam features a gravity sensor that detects collisions and G sensor technology which locks the field of view upon impact. These features provide a layer of safety, for both you and your vehicle. With its installation process and user friendly mobile application you can have peace of mind knowing that you’re supported by one of the rated 4K front dash cameras available today.

Key Features of the V1-4K Rexing Dash Cam

Superior Video Quality

The V1-4K Rexing Dash Cam delivers 4K video recording capabilities allowing you to capture the finest details, on the road. Its resolution of 3840 x 2160 ensures sharp footage making it easier to identify incidents when reviewing your videos.

Enhanced Night Vision

Equipped with advanced night vision capabilities your V1-4K Rexing Dash Cam ensures that your recordings remain visible and clear in low light conditions. This feature is particularly useful for capturing footage during drives or in poorly lit areas.

Wide Angle Coverage

The V1-4K Rexing Dash Cam offers a viewing angle of 170 degrees. This guarantees that a broad range of your surroundings is captured in the footage providing coverage of both the road and potential incidents occurring on either side of your vehicle.

Continuous Recording

Thanks, to its loop recording feature, the V1-4K Rexing Dash Cam ensures that you never run out of storage space. It automatically overwrites recordings when needed allowing for uninterrupted recording sessions.

When the storage capacity is reached the camera will automatically replace the footage with recordings. This ensures that you always have access, to the events captured by your V1-4K Rexing Dash Cam.

Always remember to drive responsibly and enjoy the peace of mind that comes with the impressive features of your V1-4K Rexing Dash Cam.

Simple Installation and Setup Process

Setting up and installing the Rexing V1-4K Dash Cam in your vehicle is a quick and straightforward process. The camera includes a 3M mount that guarantees an attachment to your windshield. Just remove the backing position the mount where you want it on the glass and firmly press it down. Make sure that the adhesive sticks well. Prevents any movement of the camera.

Once you’ve mounted your camera connect it to your vehicles power source using the provided cable. This allows for powering on and recording when you start your car. The loop recording feature of the V1-4K ensures recording, by replacing footage with new recordings when the memory card becomes full.

Now that your camera is installed and powered up it’s time to customize its settings.The V1-4K comes with a 2.4 inch LCD screen allowing you to conveniently manage settings and watch recordings directly on the device. Additionally you can download the app on your smartphone to access features and control the dash cam remotely. Once connected to your phone via Wi-Fi you can use the app to customize settings preview footage and review saved videos.

By default the camera records, in 4K resolution ensuring clear video quality. With its 170 degree viewing angle it captures a perspective of the road. The built in G sensor and automatic incident detection feature are additions as they safeguard accident or incident footage from being overwritten.

To summarize, installing and setting up the Rexing V1-4K Dash Cam is a process that instills confidence and enhances safety while driving. You can enjoy peace of mind knowing that you have an high quality dash cam in your vehicle.

User Interface and Experience

The user interface of the Rexing V1-4K dash cam is designed with your convenience in mind providing an experience, for users. With its 2.4″ LCD screen navigating through the settings and viewing footage is a breeze. The device conveniently features buttons on the side for access, to functions like switching camera modes, recording and selecting options.

Connecting your V1-4K to your iOS or Android devices is effortless thanks to its built in Wi-Fi. The mobile app allows you to remotely control the dash cam, view save and share your recordings. This wireless capability simplifies managing your files and settings.

The V1-4K utilizes range (WDR) technology to ensure optimal balance between dark and light areas in your recordings. This results in images with contrast performance. Combined with its wide 170 degree lens you can capture more of the road and enjoy a comprehensive view of your surroundings.

For security and convenience the V1-4K dash cam includes loop recording and a G sensor feature. Loop recording continuously overwrites footage to make room for recordings eliminating concerns, about running out of storage space. Meanwhile the G sensor detects movements or impacts ensuring that any crucial incidents are securely saved and protected from being overwritten.

To sum it up the Rexing V1-4K dash cam offers a to use interface combined with a variety of features that enhance your experience. Its wireless connectivity, wide angle lens, WDR technology and essential security functions make it an excellent choice, for capturing on road events.

Incorporated Wi-Fi and GPS

The V1-4K Rexing sought after 4K Front Dash Cam comes equipped with built in Wi-Fi and GPS capabilities. This provides you with convenience and accessibility. With the Wi-Fi feature you can effortlessly connect the dash cam to your smartphone to easily review, download or share your recordings. No manual file transfers are needed, saving you time when sharing important footage.

Alongside the convenience of Wi-Fi connectivity this Dash Cam also integrates GPS functionality-an addition not to be overlooked. The built in GPS logger records data such as speed, location and time during your drives. This information can prove useful for purposes such, as navigation assistance or refuting driving claims. In situations it can even help track your vehicles whereabouts
To fully utilize these capabilities you can easily download the Rexing Connect App on your smartphone. This app allows you to effortlessly access. Manage your Dash Cam settings and recorded videos. If you prefer using a computer simply download the GPS Logger Software to upload and analyze your dash cam videos.

In summary the V1-4K. Rexings popular 4K Front Dash Cam offers Wi-Fi. Gps features that enhance your driving experience. With user apps and software integration you can effectively handle your recordings and leverage the valuable GPS data provided.

The Rexing V1-4K dash cam comes equipped with features, like the G Sensor. This technology ensures that any sudden movements or impacts such, as collisions are immediately detected by your dash cam. When such events occur the G Sensor automatically. Locks the corresponding video footage to prevent deletion or overwriting of crucial evidence.

G-Sensor and Parking Mode Features

Another noteworthy feature found in the Rexing V1-4K is Parking Mode. When you activate this feature the dash cam will automatically begin recording if it senses any vibrations or movement while your car is parked. This extra layer of security ensures that you have evidence in case of incidents, like hit and runs, vandalism or other unexpected events that may occur when your vehicle is unattended.

To fully utilize the Parking Mode it is recommended to connect the Rexing V1-4K with a hardwire kit. Properly connected the dashcam will continuously capture time lapse videos while your car is parked. This provides a level of protection by keeping an eye on your vehicle 24/7.

Here are some important features to note about the G Sensor and Parking Mode on the Rexing V1-4K:

  • G Sensor: Automatically detects movements and impacts saving and locking the video footage.
  • Parking Mode: The dash cam starts recording when it detects vibrations or movement while your car is parked.
  • Enhanced Parking Mode with Hardwire Kit (Optional): Offers time lapse videos and increased surveillance for your parked vehicle.
  • Compatibility: The Rexing V1-4K supports storage up, to 256GB providing space for storing videos.

Durability and Build Quality

Build Quality When you’re considering the Rexing V1-4K Dash Cam, for your vehicle you’ll be happy to know that its construction is solid. Its made with high quality materials to ensure it lasts and performs reliably for years.

The V1-4K stands out from dash cams by using a Supercapacitor of standard batteries. Supercapacitors are more resistant to temperatures. Have a longer lifespan, which means your dash cam is more likely to stay functional even in harsh conditions.

Mounting the camera in your vehicle is easy with its 3M adhesive. It securely sticks to the windshield ensuring no movement or vibrations that could affect video quality.

The camera itself is compact featuring a 2.4″ LCD screen and a wide angle lens that captures footage effectively while remaining discreet. Additionally it has built in Wi-Fi connectivity so you can easily. Access footage through an app, on your smartphone.

To sum it up the Rexing V1-4K Dash Cam is designed to be durable and perform well ensuring it can handle driving challenges while providing high quality footage for your vehicles safety. This makes it a reliable and exceptional front dash cam that you can trust.

Pricing and Value for Money

When it comes to pricing and value, for money the Rexing V1-4K front dash cam offers pricing that’s reasonable considering its features. The average price for this 4K front dash cam is $99.99. However there are discounts or promotions where you might find it priced at $89.99 or even lower.

The Rexing V1-4K comes with a range of features that make it an excellent investment:

  • Recording resolution of 4K UHD: This ensures high quality video recordings so that you can clearly capture any incidents on the road.
  • Wide angle lens with a 170 degree view: With this you can cover an area while driving capturing more of your surroundings and reducing spots.
  • Wi-Fi connectivity: You can easily share your footage directly from the device to your iOS and Android smartphones.
  • G Sensor and Automatic Incident Detection: These features help in detecting incidents enhancing the safety aspect.

Overall the Rexing V1-4K Dash Cam provides value for your money due, to its features and affordable pricing options.The camera has a feature that automatically detects and secures video files, in the event of an impact making sure important evidence is preserved.

There’s also a loop recording function, which means that when the storage capacity is reached old recordings are overwritten to ensure you always have space. Moreover the V1-4K dash cam supports storage of up to 512GB giving you plenty of room to store videos for a period before needing to overwrite older footage.

It’s important to note that these features greatly enhance the user experience and add value to the Rexing V1-4K dash cam. With its quality video and practical functions packaged in an user friendly design this front dash cam offers great value for money in the ever expanding market of dashboard cameras.

Comparisons to Other Top-Selling 4K Dash Cams

When considering the V1-4K Rexing Top Selling 4K Front Dash Cam it’s important to compare it with popular 4K dash cams to determine its worth. To simplify this for you we’ve put together a comparison.

LifeChaser 4K Dual Dash Cam: Unlike the single channel Rexing V1-4K the LifeChaser 4K offers a dual dash cam setup that records 4K video, on the camera and 1080p on the camera. The front camera has a wide lens angle of 170 degrees, which’s equivalent, to that of the Rexing V1-4K .

Anker Roav DashCam Duo: This dash cam provides a dual channel solution that captures footage in 1080p resolution. While it doesn’t record in 4K it has built in Wi-Fi for sharing. A GPS tracker that logs your routes. Moreover it comes at a price compared to the Rexing V1-4K.

When comparing the features and functionalities it’s important to consider the following points:

  • Resolution: The Rexing V1 4K is a 4K dash cam that offers video quality with its Ultra High Density (UHD) capabilities. This means you can expect footage in daylight. However some other popular dash cams, on the market only provide 1080p resolution.
  • Channels: Unlike some 4K dash cams the Rexing V1 4K is a single channel camera that captures footage from the perspective only. In contrast there are dual channel options that allow recording of both front and rear views.
  • Lens Angle: With its 170 degree viewing angle, the Rexing V1 4K ensures coverage of your surroundings. This angle aligns with what you’ll find in leading 4K dash cams guaranteeing visibility in your recordings.
  • Connectivity: One of the standout features of the V1 4K is its Wi-Fi connectivity. This allows you to easily share footage to your iOS or Android devices through an app. Many other top dash cams also offer this function for reviewing and sharing recordings.

As you consider options for purchasing a 4K dash cam take into account these factors and how they align with your requirements. Remember that features may vary among devices so choose one that best suits your needs.


Overall if you’re interested, in equipping your vehicle with a high quality dashboard camera, the Rexing V1-4K UHD Front Wi-Fi Dash Cam would be an investment. The Rexing V1-4K dash cam offers image quality with its 4K resolution ensuring sharp videos while you’re driving.

Featuring a wide angle lens that covers a 170° field of view this dash cam provides a view of the road. Its also equipped with built in Wi-Fi allowing connectivity, to your smartphone for access to live footage, playback and video downloads. Additionally the V1-4K includes a G sensor and automatic incident detection to safeguard footage in case of accidents.

In addition to its recording capabilities the Rexing V1-4K also has a loop recording feature that allows filming even when the storage card is full. It supports memory cards up to 256GB offering storage space for your videos.

One notable feature is the parking monitor function which can automatically activate and record when it detects vibrations or create time lapse recordings 24/7 when connected with a hardwire kit.

Priced at $99.99 the Rexing V1-4K UHD Front Wi-Fi Dash Cam strikes a balance between affordability and functionality. With its video quality wide angle lens and useful additional features this dash cam proves itself as an option, in the market. Make sure you get your hands on the Rexing V1-4K dash cam to enhance your driving experience and improve your vehicles security.

Frequently Asked Questions

What’re the features of the Rexing V1-4K dash cam?

The Rexing V1-4K dash cam provides 4K video resolution allowing you to capture clear and detailed images, with vibrant colors and high contrast even when driving at high speeds or in low light situations. It has Wi-Fi capabilities for connectivity with your smartphone. Additionally the camera includes a parking monitor that automatically turns on and records when it detects any vibrations. It can also capture time lapse videos 24/7 when connected to a hardwire kit.

How does the V1-4K compare to models from Rexing?

Although the V1-4K is not a 4K camera it still offers video quality comparable to other cameras using the Novatek NT96663 processor and Omnivision OV4689 CMOS sensor. While it may not have the video quality, its unique wedge shaped design, capacitor based power supply and Wi-Fi capability make it an appealing choice.

Can I use an app, with the Rexing V1-4K?

Yes you can use the Rexing V1-4K with a smartphone app. The app allows you to conveniently control the camera, access and download files and even stream view. Connecting the camera to the app through Wi-Fi is simple and efficient.

How does the video quality of the Rexing V1-4K compare?

The Rexing V1-4K provides 4K video resolution, which means it delivers high quality images with colors and good contrast. However since its not a 4K camera its video quality is comparable, to cameras that use the same processor and sensor. While it may not be the best in terms of video quality on the market it still performs well overall and satisfies most users.

What do users think about their experience with the V1-4K?

Users generally have experiences with the Rexing V1-4K. They appreciate its video quality, easy setup process and image clarity as some of its strengths. However there have been some reports of performance issues in temperatures or when using features, like the G sensor.

What warranty does Rexing provide for the V1-4K?

Rexing offers a warranty period of 12 months for their V1-4K dash cam. Furthermore they offer customer support and assistance during business hours to aid with any difficulties or general questions.

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